Company Formation in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an appealing regime in which to start a company due to its low corporate tax rate of 19%, amongst the lowest in Europe. The average salary is low by comparison, making hiring a large workforce viable for international concerns. The most common company type is the Limited Liability Company, or SRO, and Start My Business can help you with all aspects of getting this type of company incorporated and started for you.



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Registered address in Prague (12 months)
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Mail Forwarding in Prague (Must Take Registered Address Add-On)
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Company Name Change
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Data Box - Datova Schranka
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Online Bank Arrangement Czech Republic

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VAT Registration in Czech Republic
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Czech Republic Company One-Stop-Shop

Czech Republic Company One-Stop-Shop

We provide everything you need to form a company in the Czech Republic so that you can start operating your new SRO as fast as possible.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We will have your Czech Republic-based company ready for you in as little as 14 days.

Best Customer Support

Best Customer Support

Our team of company formation experts will advise you on anything and everything you need to properly incorporate your Czech Republic company.


Our all-inclusive Czech Republic company formation package provides you with all you need to run a company in the Czech Republic. We will give you a shelf company with all fees and expenses covered.

  • Shelf company
  • Transfer and expenses covered
  • One trade license
company legal forms

legal structure

Living expenses are low in the Czech Republic, which makes it ideal for any company doing business internationally. The Czech Republic has numerous incentives and tax credits in place so as to encourage foreign investment in the country, especially for companies and investors seeking to boost key services outside of Prague.


company registration
  • VAT Registration
    VAT Registration

    Part of our Czech Republic company formation service is to register your company for VAT if you wish to do so.

  • Online Bank Arrangement
    Online Bank Arrangement

    We will arrange an online bank so you can do business in the Czech Republic.

  • Registered Address
    Registered Address in Prague

    We will give you a physical registered address in Prague, Czech Republic.

  • Data Mailbox
    Data Mailbox

    The Czech Republic provides something called a ”Data Box” for entities to send electronic communication to public authorities free-of-charge. We can provide this for you.

How it Works

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    Check the product out in your shopping cart

    Simply add the product you need to your shopping cart and then check it out to start your Czech Republic company formation process.

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    Answer some questions

    We will send you some simple questions for you to fill in so that we can properly set up your new company in the Czech Republic.

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    Sit back and relax

    Let us do the work to set up your Czech Republic company. This will include a really quick and easy identity check where you’ll need your ID or passport to hand.

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    Reap the benefits!

    Once your company has been formed, you can officially start doing business in the Czech Republic!

company legal forms

See What Our Customers Say

Easy to get a data box

“I do not live in the Czech Republic and needed a “DatovaSchranka” to receive official communications. Start My Business arranged this perfectly for me!”

Quick startup!

“I had a startup idea and needed it up and running in the Czech Republic fast. Start My Business’s shelf company solution was the simplest solution for me!”

No need to live in Prague

“I wanted an address in Prague without the hassle of moving there. Start My Business’s Registered Address in Prague service was perfect for me.”


Here are some common questions about company formations in the Czech Republic.

register your company
  • Limited Liability Company (s.r.o.)
  • Joint Stock Company (a.s.)
  • General Commercial Partnership (v.o.s)
  • Limited Partnership (k.s.)
  • Cooperative
  • Branch Office
  • Joint Venture

CZK 200,000 or approximately €7,300.

The process is fairly involved, and assistance from an external service is essential. The process includes:

  • Obtaining police records for directors
  • Getting documents authenticated
  • Registering at the Trade Licensing Office
  • And many more steps.

Using our Czech Republic Shelf Company option obviates the need for many of these steps.

  • Corporate tax, currently 19%.
  • VAT, currently 21%, although sometimes also 15% – 10%, depending on the class of item being purchased.
  • Road Tax if you will be using a vehicle in your business, currently around CZK 1,000 – CZK 5,000 or €36 – €180.

Communications from:

  • Municipal authorities
  • Courts
  • State authorities or agencies
  • Public administration

Data Mailboxes also allow you to send communications to public authorities, free of charge.