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Business Plan Writing for Effective Funding

Writing a business plan is more than just slapping some figures together in a document. It’s about effectively communicating your company’s USPs, Revenue Model, P&L forecasts, milestones, KPIs, SWOT analyses, and a myriad of other elements required to convince potential investors to fund your startup so that you can take your product to market in as short a time as possible. Our business plan creation experts will do all of this for you.

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Our business plans are written by legal, accounting and business experts who will interview you and understand your business completely so as to ensure the maximum impact for your business plan.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

A comprehensive business plan covering all key elements will be delivered to you in 21 days for the first three packages, and in 28 days for the Rocket package.

Best Customer Support

Best Customer Support

Our business plan experts have extensive experience in funding, accounting and legal. They will deliver the best possible customer experience to you while putting together your business forecast so you can secure funding.


Our various packages encompass all types of funding requests. Whether you’re seeking a bank loan or emergency funding of up to $50k or are looking for investments as high as £50 million, our various packages have you covered.

  • Executive summary, product overview, revenue model
  • SWOT analysis, founder profile, team profile
  • P&L forecast and cashflow workout
  • USPs, milestones and KPIs

Please check out the individual package below for comprehensive details.

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Professional Business Plans to Secure Investment and Loans

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operations plan

Our business plans are written by pros. We are accounting, legal and business experts and will put together a high-impact business plan which almost guarantees your chances of securing funding. Our various packages cater to all funding types, including: Business loans, emergency funding, angel investment, venture capital investment, SEIS, syndicate funding, crowdfunding and more.


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  • Cashflow forecast
    Cashflow forecast

    All our business plans include a detailed cashflow projection. Coupled with our sophisticated P&L forecasts, investors can be encouraged that their investment is safe in your business ready to multiply.

  • SWOT Analysis
    SWOT Analysis

    Our expert business consultants will carry out a detailed Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats analysis on your business and lay out these points thoroughly in the Launch, Speed and Rocket packages. This step is vital when seeking higher investments.

  • Investor ROI
    Investor ROI

    Our rocket package includes a detailed workout of investor ROI. This package is key for businesses who need larger investments and is designed to instil confidence in big-player investors.

  • Detailed USPs
    Detailed USPs

    All our packages contain a section listing out your Unique Selling Points to show potential investors what is different about what you’re bringing to the market.

How it Works

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    Check the product out in your shopping cart

    Simply add the product to your shopping cart and then check it out to start creating the perfect business and marketing plan to secure funding.

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    Take our questionnaire

    We will require detailed information from you to create a truthful, accurate and convincing business plan. We will ask you a series of questions to better understand your business model and requirements.

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    Sit back and relax unless we need you

    Then, let us do the work while we set up your business plan. If we need further information from you, we’ll contact you.

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    Secure your funding!

    Once your perfect business plan has been put together, use it to secure funding for your business or startup!

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Pricing Packages


Business Plan for Loans and emergency funding upto £50k/€50k/$60k


Brand & Marketing

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Business Plan for SEIS, syndicates, crowd funding and angel investors upto £250k/€250k/$300k


Single Page

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Business Plan for any investment upto £50m/€50m/$60m


Designing & Development

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Customize Your Product with Add-ons

If you’re seeking investment for a startup or for a new branch of your business and are doing it with investors, it’s vital to have professional visuals to go along with your plan. Use our add-ons to get exquisite visuals and Pitch Decks created to drive your message home to potential business investors.

Visual Presentation
Pitch Deck Graphical & Visual Presentation

The Pitch Deck is a mainstay of any business which is serious about gaining funding. Our team will put a Pitch Deck together that is succinct and effective in communicating your business plan’s key points.

See What Our Customers Say

Highly professional

“The business plan put together by the Start My Business team was detailed and professional. Real pros.”

No stone unturned

“The Start My Business team left no stone unturned when putting together my business plan. They thought of things that even I didn’t think about.”

Perfect for our Seed Round

“Start My Business put together a business plan for us which was perfect for our Seed Round. We also purchased the two add-ons. The Pitch Deck and Visual Presentation made communicating our plans a breeze. ”


Here are some common questions about business plans and finance.

business plan format

A business plan is an extensive workout of how to make a business successful. It includes information on a company’s financial projections, offerings to market, competitor analysis and numerous other items vital to understanding whether or not that business is likely to succeed.

No, but a bad business plan almost certainly guarantees failure. A properly-executed business plan ensures that you think of potential business problems long before they occur, thereby minimising your chances of being caught flatfooted.

Business plans are required for any sort of funding. If you plan on getting a loan from the bank or are seeking funding from external investors, you will need a business plan that has been created by professionals.

This depends on whom you’re seeking funding from. Either they are presented to a bank representative who will put in an application for a loan, or to investors who are considering investing in your startup.

The business plan is a document full of facts and figures. The visual presentation is for use in briefings, to give potential investors an easy-to-grasp overview of the business plan.