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Trademark law is territorial. Treaties such as the Madrid Protocol (Geneva, April 1996) have attempted to simplify trademark registration internationally. Other complexities specific to trademark law, in general, mean that it is imperative that you work with professionals to register your trademark in the UK as well as in any other country in which you plan to operate. We will help you navigate these treacherous legal waters easily so that your trademarks are protected and secure.



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Additional Class in UK Registry

Please select additional classes if there is more than one category of classification you wish to register for. Each additional category will cover the Official filing fees and our professional charges.

UK Trade Mark One-Stop-Shop

UK Trade Mark One-Stop-Shop

We provide everything you need to register and thereby protect your trademark in the UK.

On-Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

We will have your trademark ready for you in 150 days.

Best Customer Support

Best Customer Support

Our team of trade-mark experts will advise you on anything and everything you need to properly register your trade mark.


Our trade-mark registration package takes care of everything you need to register your trade mark in the UK, including advice on strategy and classification.

  • Trade mark search
  • Advice on strategy
  • Advice on classification
  • Filing
  • Addressing any deficiencies in formality
  • Addressing any official objections
  • Advising regarding the defense of any oppositions filed by third parties
  • Full service completed within 150 days
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Copyrights, Designs, Patents And Trade Marks


A copyright is a form of protection provided to authors for their original work. This includes creative and intellectual work.

  • owner

    The owner has exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute or perform the work publicity.

  • country

    Copyright do not require registration and the owner will have protection in most countries.

trade mark
Trade mark

A trade mark is a sign which distinguishes a company’s product or service from its competitors and is protected by IP rights.

  • owner

    The owner has exclusive rights to use the trade mark and legally prevent its unauthorized use.

  • country

    Trade marks are specific to a country or a union like the EU. Trade marks for 10 years.


A patent is an intellectual property right granted by the government to an inventor for the exclusive exploitation of their invention.

  • owner

    The owner has legal rights to exclude others from making. using or selling the patent.

  • country

    Patents are specific to a country. A patent normally lasts for 20 years.

registered design

A registered design is protection provided to the appearance of a product or part of a product. It defines how a product looks.

  • owner

    The owner has legal protection from others copying the design for their product.

  • country

    Registered designs are specific to a country. A registered design normally lasts for 25 years.


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  • Trade Mark Search
    Trade-Mark Search

    There were about 8,000,000 trademarks granted worldwide in 2018. Conducting a thorough and complete search for your desired trademark in the UK is essential before filing.

  • Advice on Strategy
    Advice on Strategy

    Registering a UK trademark requires an overall strategy. This is especially important if you wish to keep the trademark a secret until the time of product-launch. We will assist you with an overall trademark registration strategy.

  • Advice on Classification
    Advice on Classification

    There are 45 classes into which a trademark can fall. Assigning your UK trademark into the correct category is crucial to avoid deficiencies in the filing.

  • Filing

    Once we have established a proper strategy and classification for your UK trademark, we will take care of all the complexities involved in filing your UK trademark application and keeping tabs on its progress!

How it Works

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    Simply add the product you need to your shopping cart and then check it out to start your UK trade-mark registration process.

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    Answer some questions

    We will send you some simple questions for you to fill in so that we can properly prepare for registering your trademark. If needed, we’ll get in touch with you directly for more information.

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    Sit back and relax

    Let us do the work to set up your UK trademark. We’ll get in touch with you any time there is something that needs to be addressed.

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    You might want to celebrate after the trademark is approved. It’s a huge achievement. We’ll celebrate right along with you!

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“I was overwhelmed by the process required to register a trademark in the UK. Start My Business made it simple for me. ”

Trade-mark search invaluable

“Thanks to Start My Business’s trade-mark search service, I was saved from making a costly mistake and registering the wrong trademark. ”

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“The UK Trade Mark registration team from Start My Business gave me such excellent advice when preparing my trademark strategy. I am very grateful. ”


Here are some common questions about registering a trademark in the UK.

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A UK trademark must be renewed every 10 years. They can be renewed 6 months prior to expiration, and for as long as 6 months after expiration. To renew your UK trademark, you will need your trademark number to hand in and an Intellectual Property Office (IPO) deposit account.

Maybe, no, and possibly. Each territory/location has specific regulations regarding IP protection. Sometimes, registering a trademark in these territories is as simple as filing an application if the trademark has already been successfully registered in the UK. Please check the official government guidance on this to know about details for each country.

  • A sample of the mark you wish to register
  • Full name and address of the applicant
  • Classification of the product or service

When any filing requirements have not been met, this is considered a “deficiency”. This is highly unlikely to occur when using our service as we have extensive experience in filing trademark applications.

This is a system that facilitates registering trademarks in multiple countries. It was established as part of the Madrid Protocol Treaty of April 1996. Although the UK is leaving the EU, it is itself a member of the Madrid System and so will continue to benefit from its existence. The main difference is that applications must now specify the UK and the EU to be protected in both jurisdictions, whereas, previously, only specifying “EU” was required.