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10 Best Office Spots in London

Julia RichardsApril 2021
10 Best Office Spots in London

Numerous factors go into determining which are the best locations for an office in London. Different people have varying tastes, and what works for one won’t work for another.

To some, the location is not as important as how difficult it is to get there. To others, the way the office looks is more important than where it is.

We’ve divided the top 10 office locations in London according to the different tastes that people might have.

This is all our opinion, of course. But we’ve worked in London for a gazillion years so we think that maybe we should know a little about this gorgeous city.


1. Best commute

If you need to go to and from the airport regularly, anywhere on the Piccadilly line will be the most cost-efficient solution.

Our personal fave is King’s Cross. It is on the Piccadilly line and has a huge station that connects to multiple locations outside of London. There are also several tube lines (Hammersmith and City, Metropolitan, Victoria and the Nothern line) as well as Eurostar which goes directly to France (Lille & Paris) and Brussels.


2. Best green space

London has a tremendous amount of green spaces, from small squares where people can have lunch to big parks in central London.

The two biggest parks in central London are Regent’s Park (near Camden Town, Baker Street and Marylebone) and Green Park (next to Westminster).

Although the outskirts of London also offer a lot of green space, they are too far from the business district. The two mentioned above are central, with plenty of offices in the vicinity.


3. Best architecture

Oh, goodness, this was difficult to choose! London is full of awe-inspiring architecture!

Westminster and King’s Cross are great choices if you’re looking for classical architecture: Westminster Abbey and St. Pancras Hotel, respectively. And, of course, Ludgate Hill for St. Paul’s Cathedral.

For modern architecture, nothing beats “The Gherkin” (30 St. Mary Axe) in the financial district. The Lloyd’s Building is another spectacular piece of modern architecture in the same district.

Best for eating


4. Best for eating

We chose Covent Garden as the place to have an office if you’re up for great food.

Of course, you might have to wrestle a truckload of tourists to get to your chosen restaurant, but it’s well worth it considering the cuisine on offer at this acclaimed London location.


5. Best for pubs

Perhaps you fancy a drink after work or on a Friday.

Shoreditch was a popular choice when we asked our staff about the best location for pubs. Shoreditch is home to such classics as Happiness Forgets (a jiving speakeasy) and Rochelle Canteen where you get to bring your own beverages.

The other popular choice was Soho, with such classic establishments as Pink Chihuahua, The Blind Pig and Cafe Boheme.


6. Best for good vibes

The opinion here at the office was unanimously Notting Hill, but that’s mostly because everyone here is a fan of the movie.

Still, we couldn’t agree more that Notting Hill ranks right up there in terms of “Good Vibes”, especially during the Portobello Market. Maybe you could count one of the market stalls as your office?


7. Quiet, not a busy location

Although located in London, Greenwich Village feels a little like stepping out of London proper. It’s a quiet, cosy area which isn’t nearly as hectic as the city.

Greenwich isn’t too far from central London and has easy, accessible connections to take you to the busy sections!

 Best for gym/fitness lovers


8. Best for gym/fitness lovers

London is full of gyms, so it was difficult to nail this one down. And gyms have a different appeal to different people — the big buff types who want the weights, spinning classes for the more aerobic types, yoga, etc.

A great list of London’s top gyms can be found here.

As for taking a run in London, the best is to look for non-congested areas, or areas next to a park such as Victoria Park or Richmond Park.


9. Best for digital design companies

Soho is a great location for digital design companies due to the area’s strong connection to the arts. It has a strong concentration of businesses in the media industry. No matter whether you’re a small startup or a large established business, if you’re in digital design, then Soho might be the place for you.


10. Best for big business

London Bridge, Southwark is an ideal location for startups and established businesses who want to send the right message.

The recent revitalisation has put this location on the map as a top spot for getting an entrepreneurial show on the road.


Best spot for you?

No matter where you choose to set up your office space, it has to be right for you. There is no one-size-fits-all office location, and the best approach is to look at which areas match what your business is all about and then modify that choice based on your budget.

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