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7 Cost-Effective Ways of Promoting Your New Business with Flyers

Julia RichardsDecember 2020
7 Cost-Effective Ways of Promoting Your New Business with Flyers

Nothing beats having a printed business-flyer in your hand that you can peruse at your leisure.

Using flyers to promote your business or sell your product is a tried and tested method of getting new leads which convert into clients.

The main difference between a flyer marketing strategy and a digital one is how and where to get those printable flyers distributed. Unlike digital flyers, printed flyers actually require you to move your rump and do some walking to get those flyers out! (Thinking of which, another benefit to flyer distribution might be better health in general?)

Below, are seven cost-effective ideas on how to distribute marketing flyers for your business and get the leads you need.

Of course, it goes without saying that those flyers must be designed exquisitely. To that end, make sure to check out our super-affordable flyer design service once you’re done reading this post!

1. Door-to-door distribution

Door-to-door distribution is particularly useful if you distribute the flyers in your local neighbourhood. You can either put them directly into people’s mailboxes or knock on the door and hand the flyer to the person directly.

Be sure to smile congenially when doing this. That smile goes a long way to getting people to read the pamphlet you’ve just handed them.

You could run a special one-week promotion or sale and get the word out quickly with flyers in your local area, and then ask people who receive the flyer to additionally share the news on social media for extra coverage.

Of course, there’s also the option of paying a reliable distributor to get the flyers out for you. This is particularly useful if the flyers need to be delivered far from your office. When choosing this option, you need to send flyers out in high volume to really see any benefit from it.

2. Place flyers on cars

Many flyer distribution companies will place flyers on cars for you.

Wherever you get your flyers distributed, it’s important to remember to focus on your target market as much as possible.

If you sell pizzas or hamburgers, then placing flyers on cars at a sports event is better than, say, placing them on vehicles outside a residential building. People are more likely to be famished after a sporting event than when stepping into their vehicles after a large breakfast at home.

3. Include them with customer invoices and packages

This is an excellent after-sales technique to get more sales. You could give them a special voucher code in the flyer which is valid for only a certain amount of time after they receive the invoice.

4. Leave a pile in strategic places

Approach local restaurants and cafes and ask them if you can leave a small pile of your flyers on their front counter. Many restaurants are quite obliging on this.

If you go the extra mile and offer that restaurant a discount on your services if they send anybody your way, they might feature your flyers in a more prominent position or even tell people directly to take a flyer!

Whatever you do, just please consider the environment and don’t ever leave a pile of flyers where it can blow away and cause litter!

5. Distribute at events

This is a fantastic and low-cost method of getting your brand out there.

Whether it is cricketing events or music events, the massive amounts of people at these events will make getting a lot of flyers out relatively easy.

Be advised, however, that hand-to-hand distribution might require you to apply for permission from your local authorities or else suffer the risk of fines.

6. Distribute flyers with product samples

If you are at a trade show or other industry gathering, a flyer is a perfect accompaniment to any product samples you might be giving out.

Think of the flyer as a “take-home salesman”. The person walks away with the sample, tests it, and then turns to the salesman — your flyer — to discover more about it.

If the flyer is professionally designed, following all the best design principles, there’s an excellent chance that person will either go ahead and buy from you in the future or at least leave with a good impression of your brand in their minds.

7. Direct mail campaign

Phones and computers are terribly distracting things. Sitting in front of your computer or walking around with your phone is a little like walking in front of a crowd that is shouting different things at you, trying to attract your attention.

A person can easily get distracted by notifications when looking at a digital flyer on a phone.

But a tangible flyer that has arrived in the mail is entirely different. That flyer has no distractions associated with it. For at least a fraction of a second, you can grab that person’s attention.

If the flyer is exquisitely designed, you can then keep their attention and start selling them your product.

Final thoughts on flyer distributionFinal thoughts on flyer distribution

Keep a spreadsheet of where you’ve handed out flyers. Then, when you get a new client or see a sudden spike in website traffic from a certain area, go back to that spreadsheet and see if you distributed flyers there.

After a while, you’ll start to see where your flyer distribution campaigns are working best and can then take follow-up actions in those areas, such as sending out a different flyer with more focussed information targeted at that specific location.

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