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Build Your Own Mobile App Without Coding Using These 6 Tips

Julia RichardsDecember 2020
Build Your Own Mobile App Without Coding Using These 6 Tips

It’s true. You don’t need to know anything about coding to build your own mobile app.

But that doesn’t mean the app is going to be any good. Whether you know to code or not, you need to follow certain best practices to build a mobile app that is both appealing and useful.

Here are six easy tips on how to create an excellent mobile app online without writing a single line of code.

1. Use a building platform

Building your very own mobile app is a piece of cake using Start My Business’s online WYSIWYG mobile app creator. And all that without knowing a single line of programming code!

The online app creator has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface which makes designing front-ends easy-peasy.

You can either start off with a ready-made template to kickstart your app, or start from scratch and ensure the design is entirely your own.

2. Get some guidance or professional assistance5 Ways a Business Mentor Can Help Your Business Succeed

Even though it’s possible to build your own app without knowing any coding, it always helps to get some professional guidance along the way.

You can seek guidance from online forums, or if you are keen to get an app developed to the best possible standards, you can ask us to help you using our custom mobile app development service.

There is a lot to know about developing. Plenty of knowledge has been accumulated by people who have already done it, and much of that information is available online.

For example, user experience (UX) is an enormous subject to be understood when creating your own mobile app. It’s possible to create an app that does “amazing things” but which has a shoddy user experience.

This is particularly true when including a lot of add-ons in the app. Yes, the add-ons might work great in themselves, but if they lead to an overall poor user experience, they are not worth including.

Talking to a professional to assist you can prevent such errors and vastly reduce your workload in the long-term.

3. Check step by step tutorials

There are plenty of online tutorials that you should absolutely be reading or viewing in order to build a professional mobile app.

Simply because the DIY tool you’re using is simple to use doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dedicate some time to learning the basics.

Start My Business has an entire section of this website dedicated to How-To tutorials to assist people in starting their business, including tutorials and How-Tos on how to build an app.

4. Benchmark

It is crucial to benchmark your app, both before beginning development and after the app has gone to market.

The Oxford dictionary defines the verb benchmark as:

“Evaluate or check (something) by comparison with a standard.”

That means you need to look at your competitors’ apps, as well as apps belonging to non-competitors but in a similar field, and see what they are doing that you also need to do if you want to compete effectively with them.

Write these items down as features to be included in your app.

Once your completed mobile app has been released on Android, iOS and any other platforms, you need to keep your ear to the ground for:

  • Comments/reviews from users on your and your competitors’ apps.
  • Changes/updates by competitors.

Both positive and negative comments from users are important. The good reviews let you see what you should do more of. And the negative reviews inform you of what must be addressed immediately.

Don’t try and handle every little change that comes up. Look for trends in comments and reviews. If a lot of users are complaining about the same thing, then that thing needs to be addressed as a priority.

You should pay particular attention to reviews on your competitors’ apps. That’s an easy way to discover what users want and what frustrates them. You can then to integrate these features in your own app.

Stay alert to updates by your competitors. Look at whatever features they’ve added and try and one-up them in any future releases of your own app by providing even better features.

5. Start small

The “Release Early, Release Often” paradigm of software development has taken the mobile app development world by storm.

What You Can and Cannot Trade Mark in the UK

Instead of trying to build the perfect app from the start, establish easy ways for users to send you feedback and then work on that feedback fast in order to continually deliver a better product to them.

Start with the essential features, adding further ones as you go along.

As the founder of LinkedIn once said, “If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.”

Using our DIY Build Your Own Mobile App Platform, it’s relatively easy to get an app to market in no time, focussing on just the most essential features.

6. Keep it simple

Part of releasing early and releasing often is to stay absolutely focussed on the critical features and to build from there.

Overcomplicating things not only delays the time before something can go to market, but it can sometimes get so bad that you might need to scrap the entire project altogether because it has grown too complicated.

Keep it simple. Release often. Seek professional assistance whenever needed, and you’ll soon get a mobile app out there that notches up those five-star reviews like Sir Ian Botham smashing 149 runs off just 148 balls to lead your business to victory against its competitors!

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Julia Richards

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