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The COVID Pandemic Is the Best Time to Start a Business

Julia RichardsMay 2021
The COVID Pandemic Is the Best Time to Start a Business

A YouGov tracker from 7 April reveals that only 6 per cent of Brits feel it is “very easy” to find a job in the UK, and a meagre 5 per cent feel it is very easy to find a job in their local area. Twenty-three per cent feel it is “fairly easy” to find a job in the UK, and 22 per cent feel it is fairly easy to find one in their local area.

A staggering 57 per cent feel it is “fairly difficult” or “very difficult” to get a job in the UK or in their local areas, with the remainder of participants responding that they don’t know.

Interestingly, the age group which feels most pessimistic about work opportunities in the UK is the 18 – 24 age group, with a stunning 70 per cent answering that they feel it is “fairly difficult” or “very difficult” to get a job in the UK. The 25 – 29 age group doesn’t fare much better, with a whopping 59 per cent believing it’s difficult to get a job in the UK.

The numbers were not much more positive before the coronavirus job crisis hit, when the tracker obtained responses back in February. The crisis seems to have mainly swayed respondents from the “Don’t know” group into the “Very difficult” group.

It’s true. Getting a job will be far more difficult now that there is so much new and willing labour on the market as a result of mass layoffs. Companies will also be tight on cash as a result of weeks/months of closed doors, and likely unwilling to hire liberally.


There is plenty of business out there

A job is not the only way to make an income.

There is business out there, plenty of business. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, to give in to a sense of hopelessness, when reading the news. But it is important to note that the news reports on general facts, not specifics. They like big numbers which create the largest amount of shock and impact so their ratings can go up.

But the best business is done on a one-on-one basis, not through big numbers and general facts. Business is done through personal meetings, handshakes (well, because of COVID-19 we might not do handshakes anymore, but you get what I mean). Business is usually begun with one phone call, one email.

It is simply not true that “all the cash has dried up” in the world. Even during a recession, there are companies which thrive. During this pandemic, those companies which are able to provide services related to remote-working and online tools are more likely to come out of this crisis standing than others.

Because they are delivering a service for which there is suddenly an unprecedented demand.


Find a demand, deliver what people need

It all comes down to finding a demand, finding what people need, and then figuring out how you can supply that need within your skill level and available resources.

The world will not stop turning because business was forced to stop for several months. People need food, they need warmth, they need fun activities such as going to the cinema or visiting a clean park.

There are some demands right there in that last paragraph:

  • Clean spaces
  • Food delivery
  • Healthy food
  • Safe travel to the cinema
  • Etc.

All it takes is a degree of ingenuity and a lot of guts to find and service demand.

COVID-19 itself will also bring a whole array of required services and products into the market:

  • Higher demand for hand sanitisers
  • More demand for canned goods in case such an outbreak ever occurs again
  • In Germany, there are plans afoot to build screens at grocery stores that separate the purchaser from the cashier and so reduce the risk of transmission of disease — that’s a lot of business for construction companies.

How many business opportunities can you see in the above three points? Logistics, supply, e-commerce, delivery of goods, etc. If you stretch your imagination, you’ll see more.

There’s the business to be made everywhere. There are demands and needs everywhere.

Business, business, business. There is so much business waiting to be done in the world. The key is to:

  • Find a demand
  • Work out realistically how you can fill that demand
  • Start delivering
  • Deliver higher quality than all your competition
  • Keep your eyes on your cash flow so you don’t overextend yourself
  • Keep looking for more business and repeat the steps above

Starting a business does not have to be expensiveStarting a business does not have to be expensive

In fact, it is one of the cheapest things you can do these days — at least that’s the case with Start My Business. Not only that, but we’ll also throw in a logo, company branding, all the things you need to get working right now and start earning an income despite the weak job market.

Tax filing, Companies House documents, day-to-day administration — all these things can add endless time to a new business’s daily routine. The administrative burden is probably one of the reasons many people choose not to start a business.

That’s why companies such as ours are so vital. We simplify the process of starting a business so that all you need to do is:

  • Find a demand
  • Then deliver the goods

It’s that easy.

In this crashing job market, there really is very little choice in the matter. If you’re suddenly jobless and need a quick solution to get some income going, starting a new venture is the right move for you. And if you do get a job afterwards, at least you’ll have your own concern going in case things ever get tough again. It’s vital to have more than one income stream if you want to survive.


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