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6 Effective Ways to Use Brochures to Promote Your Business Today

Julia RichardsDecember 2020
6 Effective Ways to Use Brochures to Promote Your Business Today

Promotional brochures will never stop being a mainstay of effective promotion.

Even though digital flyers have now appeared on the scene, a physical advertising brochure will forever be one of the most efficient ways to find new business.

Of course, it is vital to have a brochure design which was done entirely professionally in order to create the maximum possible impact on the reader.

Here are some tried and tested ways to get your company brochure into the hands of potential buyers, and so turn leads into sales.


The great thing about a brochure which was designed for print is that it can also be sent digitally. This is not true the other way round, i.e. items explicitly designed for being viewed on a screen cannot be printed easily.

You can either send the brochure directly as an attached PDF or image file, or you can send a link to the brochure so that it can be viewed online.

Send brochures by post

Nothing beats getting something in the physical mail.

If you send someone something by post, they get to touch it, feel it, interact with it.

If your brochure also has a QR code in it, then that increases the chances of people visiting your website as a result of viewing the brochure.


Use brochures at trade shows

Brochures are an excellent way to stay in the minds of potential buyers and clients at a trade show.

Handing someone a physical brochure is even more important in a scenario like a trade show where you are competing with dozens or even hundreds of other companies to get someone’s attention.

If every company relies only on a visit to their website to stay in the potential client’s mind, their message will be buried in a confusion of browser tabs and saved links.

But, with a brochure, the potential client can pick it out of their pocket when they get to their car or the subway. Not wanting to litter, they might keep it on their person until they get home where they’ll look at it again.

If it is a properly designed brochure which captures their attention, they might very well sit down and take another gander at it then, in the comfort of their own home, while relaxing on the couch and having an evening drink.

All that from a brochure.

You just don’t get that level of interaction on a screen with a gazillion distractions on it — notifications, social media alerts, emails, etc.

Use company brochures in media kits

When sending a media kit to the press with information about your company, include a brochure of tailored information so as to give that media organisation all the relevant information they need to write about your company.

Media kits can be downloaded from a website, or sent in physical form to a media organisation.

These media organisations then use these media kits in order to obtain facts when writing about your company. Make sure you get the correct facts sent over to them by including those facts in a brochure specifically designed for the press.

It is vital, in these cases, to make the information as easily accessible and as understandable as possible. Journalists are very busy people and have little time to spend hours digging for information on a topic, especially if they only need it as background information to a story.

By designing the brochure in such a way that you decide what information is most noticeable to that journalist, you increase your chances of having that information featured in a story.

For example, if you run Acme Ltd. and the journalist just needs some quick facts about your company, put your best metrics in a large pie chart or other graphical representation in the brochure so they can see it easily.

Give brochures to your sales team

Following on from the theory that a physical object is more difficult to forget than a digital one, giving your sales team brochures is a key way to ensure your company stays in the minds of leads long after the sales team has left.

If the sales team leaves one or two brochures behind after the meeting, the lead can then look at those brochures when they have time, or when sitting down at night to relax, undistracted by all those endless notifications on their phone.

Leave brochures at your office reception

This is an excellent way to promote your company. By putting a stack of brochures at your reception, people can pick the brochures up and take them home with them to read on the bus or whenever they have a free moment somewhere.

By placing brochures at your reception, you then target anyone that comes into your offices, not only your regular clients or leads but also suppliers and anyone else.

Asking restaurants and other high-traffic places to place a brochure at their front-desk is another great way to promote your business.

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