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Landing Page Design Best Practices That Drive Traffic and Conversions

Julia RichardsDecember 2020
Landing Page Design Best Practices That Drive Traffic and Conversions

Creating an effective landing page for your website is not a task that must be taken lightly. To create a landing page that converts leads into clients, it is imperative to understand the structure of a landing page.

A high-converting landing page has particular anatomy which all the top landing pages follow.

An excellent UX (user experience) means engagement from the visitor. Often, it is necessary to invest in landing page design services to obtain that perfect design which brings about a superior user experience.

Some studies have shown that Google prefers content that provides excellent UX.

This article will walk you through landing page UX best practices.


Information Above the Fold

It is vital to put the most important information “above the fold”.

“The fold” is, basically, the bottom of the computer screen. The user needs to scroll to see the material below that line.

Basically, anything “above the fold” means content the user sees instantly on landing on your website.

The fold is different for every computer. Mobile phones and tablets have a different fold to a 17” laptop screen.

It is, therefore, vital to design the page so that it adapts to the screen on which it is being viewed.


Use a hero image

A “hero image” is that impressive, eye-catching, stunning image that appears at the top of a website.

In eCommerce websites, this is usually a photo of the product.

The image needs to be of excellent quality and capture the visitor’s attention.

The internet is dominated by visual content. Placing a profound hero image above the fold goes a long way to capturing your visitor’s attention and getting them to continue browsing your website.


Compelling Headlines

Whether placed on the hero image or simply near it, the headline of your landing page should be:

  • Powerful
  • Compelling
  • Attention-grabbing
  • “Amazeballs”

The heading should be as succinct as possible and express, simply and clearly, what benefit the user will obtain from staying on your website for just a little longer.

Examples of great headlines are:

  • Reduce your personal costs by 80% instantly.
  • Want a three-star chef to cook your dinner every night?
  • No more housecleaning.

And so on.


Small Intro text under the headline

Following on from your headline and hero image should be a brief introduction to what you are offering the visitor.

The content should explain, in as few words as possible, the value the visitor will obtain by continuing to learn more about your service or product.

This is not only good for the user but it also helps search engines understand what your site is about.


Call to Action

There needs to be at least one clearcut action defined on the page that you wish the user to take.

This “call to action” is best displayed in a large, noticeable button, and it informs the user what is expected of them.

There is quite a bit to know about how to design and phrase these calls to action. The button needs to be in high contrast to the rest of the page. The phrase demanding action needs to be something the user considers valuable, e.g. “Buy now and get one more free”.


Have enough content and variety, all optimised for searchcheap fresh flowers search engine

The page needs to have sufficient content for it to be useful both for users as well as for search engines.

Having an “excellent landing page” that never gets found by search engines is entirely pointless.

The content needs to be worded in such a way that it ranks for all the required keywords, as well as contain enough elements to garner interest from the visitor. These elements must include:

  • Visually appealing and professional photographed/designed images
  • Top-quality video content

Another great piece of content is tables of information for comparing prices.


USPs — Your Unique Selling Proposition

What makes your service or product different from your competitors’?

If you sell flowers, why would someone buy flowers from you and not a competitor?

You need to explain what you offer that makes you different from other businesses:

  • Better quality?
  • Better product?
  • Unique product?
  • Exceptional service?
  • 24/7 delivery?

FAQs section

The best landing pages have an FAQ section on them. The questions should be useful and informative, covering any aspects of the service or product that the rest of the landing page could not cover.

Accordion-style FAQs are an excellent place to put plenty of additional text that could detract from the page’s design if placed elsewhere. That text is also excellent for search engines.


Customer reviews section

A customer reviews section helps push leads into a decision to buy. The best is to integrate reviews from trusted sources such as Google Reviews, TrustPilot or some other reputable reviews site.

This has also been linked to better rankings.


What Are Your Options for Business Mobile App Development

Mobile-friendly design and Speed Optimisations

As mentioned in the first section, the page must be optimised for mobile. This also includes optimising its speed.

If your page doesn’t load in one second, you’ll lose conversions.

Pages load slower on mobile devices because they are usually running on a data connection. Making sure the page is lean can mean better conversions.


Social Media integration

An excellent landing page must integrate social media into it. This means that you should also have well-attended social media profiles that are regularly posted to and contain fresh content.

A landing page should have links to these profiles so that people can connect with your brand.


Hiring an expert

As you can see, designing an excellent landing page requires care and attention to numerous things, and often it is a service that companies decide to hire out to professional designers instead.

The investment often pays for itself if the landing page design leads to better conversions.

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