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Entrepreneurs, Stop Building Your Own Website. Do This Instead.

Julia RichardsDecember 2020
Entrepreneurs, Stop Building Your Own Website. Do This Instead.

There are two ways to start an entrepreneurial venture:

  1. Come up with a stellar idea that is utterly revolutionary but requires megabucks to get off the ground.
  2. Come up with a great idea which doesn’t require a lot of investment but requires plenty of your time.

The first option is for ventures which are planning on becoming the latest unicorn. The second is for people who, perhaps, are just looking to get something off the ground and seeing where it might go.

In both cases, building your own website might not be the best way to go when you could get a much more professional (and affordable) service from an agency that specialises in custom-built, unique websites.


Why website design is important for businesses

Even if your business is not entirely based on an online model, the world has changed, and people are now buying online more than ever. The “new normal” means that, if you don’t have an online, contactless method of selling your product or services, you’re going to struggle to compete.

And then there’s the matter of marketing and brand awareness. In a world where over 4.57 billion people are online, trying to raise awareness for your brand without an online presence is like trying to catch a leaf in a tornado.

A website also allows you to analyse your traffic and, therefore, your customers. By using simple analytics technology to see what people are doing on your website, you are able to gain a deeper understanding of your clients and visitors, and so improve your product and services to more closely match what they need.


Why entrepreneurs should invest in custom and professional website design

The main reason businesses should invest in web design rather than try and do it in-house is because the world of web design has skyrocketed into a new level of sophistication.

It’s true of every tech-related industry: Technology has reached a point where we are almost living in that Science Fiction future we used to read about a few years ago.

Whatever your startup industry is, you’re no doubt pro in that industry. And, when pe

Website Design & Creation

ople use your service, they’ll likely use it because you’re a pro.

It takes years, perhaps even decades, to become a complete expert at something.

The same is true of web design and web development — if you want a pro service, you need to call in an expert to put together a responsive design for your custom website which does your startup justice.

Whether you go with a freelance web designer or a web design agency is not so much in question. The only question is this:

Is the website design company you’re choosing a professional in the subject of website design for businesses?

As competition grows more fierce, an entrepreneur’s web offering needs to stand out. A custom website which is unique in its design and has an excellent UX (“User Experience”) goes a long way to building your credibility and positive reputation.

It also improves your chances greatly of people sharing your website and service on social media.

Investing in a spectacular website doesn’t need to break the bank. The best web design agencies are also the ones who have adopted the most modern technology and methods, thereby allowing them to deliver phenomenal websites at a fraction of the cost.

You have three broad choices when deciding who to choose, to get your website built:


Freelance Web Design

A freelance web designer might be an option if you’re on a tight budget. Freelancers sometimes offer a more personalised experience because they don’t deal with so many clients and so can talk directly to you about what you need.

This can also backfire because the best freelancers can get busy very quickly and then might not be able to keep up with your project because they are too overwhelmed. This can be a real problem if you’re, say, trying to launch a new marketing campaign and need an eye-catching and effective landing page pronto.


Web Design Agencies

Web design agencies can offer a wide range of web design services spanning multiple platforms. They must also, perforce, keep up with the latest web technologies in order to compete effectively.

This means you’re likely to get a state-of-the-art website with an agency in a fraction of the time compared to a freelance web designer.

But, let’s face it, web design agencies can be a bit on the pricey side. Also, sometimes the “latest and greatest” web technology is not the right choice for your business website. Sometimes, tried and tested works better.


Start My Business Professional Website Design

Start My Business offers a blend of the two services above — web design at the quality of a web design agency with the personal touch and affordability of hiring a freelance web designer. We are able to do this because of our unique business model spanning not only web design but also numerous other marketing services.

No matter the web design package you’re looking for, Start My Business can deliver.

You can also smarten the package up with several add-on services.


Summary of Investing in a Great Website

Whomever you choose to build your website, remember that you are investing in a professional service that must be delivered by professional people.

You are a pro at what you do. Rather hire someone else who is also a pro at what they do, and deliver a superior web experience to your customers, than try to do it yourself and delivering something substandard which harms your brand right from the getgo.

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Julia Richards

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