COURTHMRC’s Powers and Furlough Abuse

The last thing a business needs is to be hit by a tax investigation by HMRC. Even if a business is found faultless in such a tax investigation, the burden can last for years and cost many thousands in accounting and legal fees. Our tax investigation insurance will keep you covered for up to £100,000 in legal fees should you ever be approached by HMRC for such an enquiry!


Our lawyers will go to court for you, and our accountants will do your accounting in the event of your business ever being singled out for a tax investigation by HMRC. Our insurance keeps you covered for up to £100,000 in legal fees.

  • Full-service insurance
  • We go to court for you if needed
  • We deal directly with HMRC
  • Professional lawyers and accountants at your service

Stand up to HMRC When Needed


HMRC is getting more and more sophisticated in looking for and litigating on the subject of tax evasion. Unfortunately, sometimes its net catches the wrong business. Such investigations can last for up to 16 months, utterly ruining a business that is not prepared for it. Our tax investigation insurance protects you in all events.


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    IR35 Investigations Cover

    HMRC has cracked down further, every year, on IR35. Our tax insurance will cover you for all legal costs in the event that you are singled out for an IR35 enquiry.

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    Employer Compliance Protection

    HMRC’s efforts at Making Tax Digital have increased pressure on businesses to report on employee-related taxes and earnings every single month. Our tax insurance will cover you in the event that you are singled out for one of these investigations.

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    Permanent Protection

    So long as you pay your low monthly premium, you will be protected by us. Never worry again about tax investigations.

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    Instant Protection

    You are protected instantly after purchase. So long as any letters from the taxman informing you that you are under investigation came after the date you purchased the insurance, you are covered!



What is tax investigation insurance?

Tax investigation insurance covers your legal and accounting costs in the event of an investigation by HMRC. Start My Business’s insurance also gives you access to high-powered lawyers who will prepare your case and stand up in court and defend you if the need arises.

Absolutely. The costs of defending yourself alone could be enough to cripple any small business. Add to that any mistakes you might make which could lead to an incorrect guilty verdict requiring you to pay back-taxes.

If the HMRC determines that you are to be investigated, they will inform you by letter and then begin an initial enquiry. This might require you to provide documentation to disprove any claims they might make. If the matter escalates far enough, it will go to court.

As far back as twenty years, if the HMRC determines that willful tax evasion might be involved.

The costs vary but skyrocket wildly if litigation is ever involved, requiring you to pay legal fees.

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Regardless of the type of investigation that HMRC might throw at you, our tax investigation insurance will protect you from all of them.

You will be covered immediately following the purchase of this monthly subscription!

In the event that you are ever singled out for a tax investigation, our team of expert accountants and lawyers will assist you in getting the investigation wrapped up as fast as possible.

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Peace of mind

“I was so relieved after signing up for this comprehensive tax insurance from Start My Business. ”


Helped me during IR35 enquiry

“The Start My Business team was so helpful when I was informed by HMRC that they were investigating one of my contracts to see if it fell inside IR35. I didn’t have to worry about it. Start My Business took care of it all for me. ”


All legal fees covered

“We can’t afford to pay exorbitant legal fees during a costly court battle. I am so glad to have found Start My Business, knowing that all legal fees will be covered in the event of litigation by HMRC regarding my business’s taxes.”

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