Failure to protect your intellectual property through patents and patent applications can result in stunning financial losses when competitors start copying your inventions. It is imperative to apply for a patent to protect your invention from forgeries. Our patent specialists will consult you regarding your patent application.


After your patent consultation with one of our experts, you may request a separate quote for us to file the application for you, and possibly even to represent you.

  • Highly Experienced Patent Attorneys
  • Valid legal advice
  • Familiar with worldwide patent laws
  • Patent search, to see if your invention has already been patented

Making the Patent Registration Process Easy


Our in-house patent attorneys are highly familiar with patent registration procedures across the world. If you are happy with your consultation and wish for us to represent you, we can additionally quote you to represent you before the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO), the European Patent Office (EPO) and internationally before the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).


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    Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

    Our specialist patent attorneys are extremely familiar with the PCT, which facilitates obtaining worldwide patents for your inventions. Following the procedures of the PCT makes obtaining patents in other jurisdictions much simpler.

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    Thorough Patent Search

    Our patent attorneys will conduct a thorough search of existing patents to ensure that your invention or process is indeed original and can be patented.

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    Advice on filing

    Although this service does not include filing the patent application, we will give you all the advice you need to actually do it. If, however, you would prefer us to do it for you, we would be happy to give you a quote for this additional service.

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    Validity Check

    Our patent advisors will let you know if your invention or process is valid for patenting so that you will know ahead of time if investing in the process will be worthwhile.



What patent do I need?

The type of patent you need depends on the product or invention you have created. This is a detailed subject, and our patent specialists will let you know exactly the right patent for you during your consultation.

It is difficult to monetise an invention if it is not protected from copying. Years of investment and hard work can go down the drain if the IP of a product is not protected thoroughly.

Once your patent has been granted, you have the right to seek legal action against any party who infringes on the scope of what was explicitly granted in that patent.

Filling out a patent application is a time-consuming and detailed affair and is beyond the scope of one consultation. We are more than happy to give you a separate quote for this service, however.

Usually 20 years.

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Patent law is a niche market requiring specialised knowledge. Our specialist patent attorneys are experts at the patent registration process.

You will receive instructions on how to book your consultation with one of our patent specialists within one day of purchasing.

We house a team of expert patent attorneys who are highly knowledgeable of the patent registration process in the UK, Europe and worldwide. You will receive excellent customer support.

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“The patent attorney I spoke to was an absolute expert at patents and I felt very confident about the patent registration advice I received.”


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“The patent attorney who dealt with my case was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Truly impressed. ”


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“The patent attorneys at Start My Business really know their stuff. They left no stone unturned when looking through my patent application and consulting me on the best way forward. ”

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    Make sure you have all the information needed in order to tell us about your invention or process. The more info you have, the better.

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    Get further assistance in ensuring your patent application goes through

    If your patent application seems viable, we can give you a further quote to file the patent application on your behalf and also to represent you before the appropriate bodies in order to get the patent successfully filed.