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Choosing insurance for your business can be terribly confusing. “Legalese” and “fear-mongering” on the part of some insurers can make understanding a policy very difficult. We assist you in finding the right insurance for your business. All you need to do is fill in a questionnaire and we’ll put you in touch with a reliable insurance provider that best suits your needs.


We have teamed up with numerous insurance providers across the globe in order to offer a number of choices for businesses seeking insurance. Think of us as “matchmakers” for your business and the insurance that it needs.

  • Business Insurance “Matchmakers”
  • Perfect for your business
  • Essential and additional cover as needed
  • Affordable

Insurance Shouldn’t Be Complicated


As with many other legal matters, learning about what business insurance your company needs can be overwhelming. Long-winded policies and contracts can cause errors in thinking when you are trying to decide what the best insurance is for your company.

Instead, leave it to us. Just fill out the questionnaire we send you, and we’ll do the heavy lifting in determining the right insurance provider for your specific needs.


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    Zero upfront costs

    There is no obligation to you in this service to take up the insurance or pay the insurers in advance.

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    Insurance simplified

    We take all the complexity out of business insurance. There’s no need for you to now take out a diploma in law in order to sign a simple contract. Just fill in our questionnaire and we’ll do the rest for you.

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    Trusted providers

    Every single one of the insurance providers we work with has been personally vetted by our in-house team of specialists.

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    Business Insurance for Every Budget

    We will take your budget into account when determining which business insurance to suggest for you, striking the perfect balance between cover and affordability.



What small business insurance do I need?

This depends on the nature of your business, the service or product you offer, what you want covered and your budget. No insurance offers a “one-size-fits-all” policy, and we advise you on the insurance we feel is best for you.

There are several things that small business insurance can cover. This depends on your budget and your level of risk. These items can include professional indemnity cover, employer’s liability, product liability and other types of insurance.

This depends on the insurance provider and the amount of cover you require. But the entire business model of insurance companies is to “spread the risk” and so their effort is not generally to offer extremely high premiums, but rather to interest enough people in their policies. More colloquially, one could say that their business model “is a numbers game”.

Some insurances are required by law, others are not. Employers’ Liability is often required by companies that have employees. Once you sign up for this service, we will determine the insurance that you require and let you know which provider might be the best fit for you.

We make a small commission as a small thanks for our hard work if you sign up for insurance with the company we refer you to.

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How it Works
ic-secureNo Upfront Costs

There is no upfront cost for you and no obligation to sign up with the provider we recommend.

You will receive a questionnaire immediately after checking this product out. Once you’ve filled that in we’ll get back to you within 5 days with the best insurance provider for your business.

No matter what questions you have about covering your business, we’re here to help!

See What Our Customers Say


Great choice of insurance!

“The Start My Business team really recommended an excellent insurance provider for my business! They offered the perfect cover and were just the right price.”


Easy process

“I tried finding general liability insurance for my business but all the insurance lingo was so unbelievably complicated that I just gave up. Start My Business totally simplified that procedure for me.”


A few questions and, boom, you’re insured!

“I was so worried about getting insurance for my business. I had heard some horror stories of people who had lost quite some money because they weren’t insured. Well, enter Start My Business and a simple questionnaire. Before I knew it, I was fully insured in my business!”

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How it Works

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    Simply add the product to your shopping cart and then check it out to receive your questionnaire.

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    Answer some questions

    Fill in the questionnaire and then send it back to us!

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    Sit back and relax

    Then, let us do the work of finding the perfect insurance provider for your business! We’ll email you the details when we’re done.