Cyprus is a dream location for a business in Europe due to its low corporate tax rates — just 12.5%, one of the lowest in Europe. The island of Cyprus has over 60 tax treaties in place, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to optimize their company’s tax profile. Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 and became a member of the Eurozone in 2008, making it a first-class citizen of Europe, and allowing it to trade in the Euro currency.


Our Cypriot company formation package covers the basics of what you need, to start operating in Cyprus. Additionally, you can buffer the basic offering with any of our numerous add-ons to make doing business in Cyprus more efficient.

  • Nominee Secretary
  • Nominee Director
  • Nominee Shareholder
  • Registered Address
  • VAT number
  • Online Bank Arrangement


Cyprus only requires one shareholder along with one director, to form a company. The shareholder and directors do not need to be Cyprus residents or citizens. As a member of the EU, Cyprus is an excellent gateway for entering the EU market.


  • trademark-screening
    VAT Registration

    Part of our Cyprus company formation service is to register your company for VAT if you choose to do so.

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    Bank Introduction

    We will arrange an online bank account to be able to incorporate your business in Cyprus.

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    Registered Address in Nicosia

    We will give you a physical registered address in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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    Nominee Secretary

    Cypriot law requires that a company secretary be appointed, regardless of the type of company being formed. We will take care of this for you if you do not have one.



What types of companies can be formed in Cyprus?

The main company types are:

Private limited company

Branch or subsidiary of a foreign company


There is no minimum initial share capital required to start a limited company in Cyprus.

Between one and fifty shareholders. They need not be Cypriot residents or citizens.

Cyprus has an extremely favourable tax regime. It is also a strong shipping hub and huge exporter of produce and clothing. It has numerous incentives in place which make investment and entrepreneurship a viable option.

A large proportion of the labour market speaks English and is well educated.

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Our team of company formation experts will advise you on anything and everything you need to properly incorporate your Cypriot company.

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“My partner and I wanted to start a business in Cyprus but had no idea who to appoint as company secretary. Start My Business took care of this perfectly for us!”


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Pricing Packages


    Nominee Secretary

    The role of a nominee secretary is to ensure the records and registers of the company is kept in according with the statutory compliance. Any changes on the company register and filing can be a heavy administration and missing any deadlines can be costly and damaging to the company. This is why, our experts take this responsibility in ensuring the company remains compliant whilst our customers can focus on growing the business instead.


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    Nominee Director

    It is important to note that although the company is registered in its tax jurisdiction, the appointment of the nominee director can influence the tax residency status of the company in some cases. If the directors are based overseas and you wish to ensure the company’s tax jurisdiction is unaffected than you may need to consider appointing a local nominee director. In this case, we will appoint a credit worthy local nominee who under full confidentiality will help with the company achieve its aim. Amongst other aspects, it is important that the board meetings and decisions are made in the local country known as the “management and control” aspect. Rest assured also that you will still have the full power to make changes and remove the director at any time under your instructions.


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    Nominee Shareholder

    If you wish to wish to keep your investment private, away from the public register for commercial or personal reasons than we can appoint a nominee shareholder to help protect your investment under full Declaration of Trust. This means that the shareholder will hold the shares for your benefit and at any given point the shareholders powers will be restricted under your written instructions under a nominee agreement to be signed between you and the shareholder. As you will still be the UBO of the company, any dividends paid out will be in your personal bank account since the shareholder does not own and cannot claim benefit from the shares held on trust ensuring you have full protection.


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    Registered Address in Nicosia

    It is compulsory to have a registered address for your Company. Using a registered address in a well-known location will mean you’ll appeal to a wider audience and as such your customers will see you as a credible and established business.


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  • VAT Registration in Cyprus

    We will file and review your VAT registration for your company with the relevant tax authorities and provide you the necessary documents.


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  • Online Bank Arrangement Cyprus

    Based on your transactions and business industry we will recommend a online bank account that is suitable for your business. We work with numerous banks and as such feel it is important from early on to select the best one that can help with multi currency, company expense cards, manage multiple accounts under a single platform or even where you need an immediate setup banking solution that is easy and quick.


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