Denmark was rated by the World Bank in 2019 as the fourth-best place in the world to do business in and the Number One place in Europe to do business in. The country offers a fair corporate tax of 22%. Denmark has a strong labor force of professionals who speak English well. Its employment laws are less rigorous than other countries allowing for flexibility in employee-employer relationships and the ability to seek out the best people easily without having to hold on to those who can’t pull their weight. Forbes rated it as the seventh-best country in the world for capital investment.


Our Denmark company formation package is extremely fast and you could be in business within 24 hours of ordering. We also offer add-ons such as a VAT Registration and a Virtual Office.

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  • VAT Registration
  • Virtual Office
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Probably the greatest appeal for starting a business in Denmark is its world-famous labor-market approach. Termed Flexicurity, Denmark allows employers to hire and fire employees at will while providing a safety net for employees when they fall on hard times and are without work. This is the ideal environment in which to build a new startup due to the high demand of finding labor and then replacing it if that labor cannot keep up with the usually volatile shifts associated with rapid-moving companies. There is no minimum wage in Denmark, and yet wages are usually considered to be fair, arranged in a spirit of mutual cooperation between employer and employee. Litigation around employer-employee disputes is uncommon, and the government rarely gets involved in matters of employment. As a result, strikes are uncommon. No wonder it is rated as the best place in Europe to do business!


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    VAT Registration

    Part of our Denmark company formation service is to register your company for VAT as needed.

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    Online Bank Arrangement

    We will arrange an online bank with competitive rates to incorporate your business in Denmark.

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    No matter what you need to run your business in Denmark, we have you covered here at Start My Business.

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    Virtual Office

    We also offer a virtual office in Copenhagen with telephone service so you can operate 100 per cent as a local, even though you might be working remotely.



What types of companies can be formed in Denmark?

Private Limited Company — Anpartsselskab (ApS)

Public Limited Company — Aktieselskab (A/S)

Limited Liability Partnership — Kommanditselskab (K/s)

There also used to be an Entrepreneurial Limited Company (Iværksætterselskab — IVS), but these have been abolished and can no longer be registered as of April 2019.

Only one. The director can be of any nationality.

Only one, with no maximum number of shareholders.

DKK 50,000 (approximately EUR 6,700). The entire share must be paid up at the time of incorporation.

Yes. If you do not have an address, we can provide you with one.

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We provide everything you need to form a company in Denmark, including Online Bank Arrangement and VAT Registration.

Depending on the add-ons you choose, we will have your Denmark-based company ready for you in as little as one day.

Our team of company formation experts will advise you on anything and everything you need to properly incorporate your Denmark-based company.

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“Denmark is an incredible business centre, and I am so glad to be able to do business here!”


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“The business I needed to start was labour-intensive and I needed the freedom to pick and choose the best people with no complications. Thanks to Start My Business, I was able to choose Denmark as my place to do business where I could make full use of the labour-market and sensible approach to employment to get my product to market.”

Pricing Packages


  • Online Bank Arrangement Denmark

    Based on your transactions and business industry we will recommend an online bank account that is suitable for your business. We work with numerous banks and as such feel it is important from early on to select the best one that can help with multi currency, company expense cards, manage multiple accounts under a single platform or even where you need an immediate setup banking solution that is easy and quick.

  • VAT Registration Denmark

    We will file and review your VAT registration for your company with the relevant tax authorities and provide you the necessary documents.


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    Virtual Office in Copenhagen

    Portray your company's presence using our virtual address service.


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  • Virtual Office in Copenhagen Deposit (3 Months Rental - Refundable Within 30 Days Cancellation If No Debts)

    If you decide to take the virtual office service we will require 3 months deposit.


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