Germany is an economic powerhouse, and running a GmbH (German Limited Liability Company) is an excellent way to command international respect. Studies have shown that German consumers are highly demanding, and so only the highest-quality products rise to the top. Brand loyalty is strong in Germany so it is an excellent option for companies whose strong point is brand awareness. When aiming for international business on a large scale, starting a company in Germany makes sense.


Registering a GmbH is no small matter in Germany. The minimum share capital is €25,000 and, unlike Limited Companies in many other countries, the status of GmbH commands respect amongst peers and purchasers. We will walk you through the steps to register this prestigious company-type in Germany when you choose this product.

  • Minimum €12,500 initial share contribution
  • Notarised application
  • GmbH registered with the commercial registry
  • Articles of Incorporation


To establish a German GmbH, it is necessary to know who the shareholders will be. GmbHs only need one shareholder. The initial contribution of €12,500 needs to be to hand. A notarized certification is then prepared. (We will arrange this for you at Start My Business.) The German Commercial Register then evaluates and approves the application. It also notifies the relevant authorities of the establishment of the new GmbH.

As you can see, it is a fairly complex and somewhat bureaucratic process. Getting the assistance of a team like Start My Business can simplify the procedure immensely so you can actually get going and start conducting business in this extremely stable economy.


  • trademark-screening
    VAT Registration

    Part of our German GmbH company formation service is to register your company for VAT.

  • matching-domain-url
    Online Bank Introduction

    We will arrange an introduction to an online bank account for you in only a matter of days.

  • global-linguistic-screening
    Registered address

    We will provide you with a registered address in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Berlin or Cologne. This includes mail-forwarding.

  • name-testing
    Virtual Office

    As part of the registered address, you will also be given a Virtual Office to take care of day-to-day affairs for you.



What are the main aspects of a German GmbH?

Minimum share capital is €25,000, of which 50% in cash is required upfront. If the initial contribution of both cash and assets is far greater than €50,000, then at least 25% of the total initial capital needs to be paid upfront (but never less than €12,500).

A GmbH must have at least one shareholder.

Corporate taxes are charged at a flat rate of 15% plus a solidarity surcharge of 5.5%, resulting in an effective rate of 15.85%.

However, there is also trade tax levied by different municipalities which can bring the total tax burden on enterprises to about 30%.

Germany imposes a 25% withholding tax on dividend payments. If you are a resident of another country, tax treaties might reduce the withholding tax. Currently, the reduced WHT for UK residents receiving dividend payments from Germany is 15%.

Theoretically, yes. Practically, not really. Although Germany boasts a large contingent of English-speaking people, particularly in areas like Frankfurt and Munich, the de jure business language is German and most small to medium businesses will insist you or a representative from your company speaks German. All official communications are carried out in German.

Capital Gains Tax in Germany is charged at the same rate as Corporate Taxes.

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We provide everything you need to form a GmbH in Germany, including notary fees, VAT Registration and an online bank introduction.

Depending on the add-ons you choose, we will have your German company ready for you in 50 days.

Our team of company formation experts will advise you on anything and everything you need to properly incorporate your Germany-based company.

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Bureaucracy simplified

“The Start My Business team simplified all the bureaucracy involved in starting my German-based company. ”


Easy bank account setup

“I was so grateful for the online bank account introduction. There was no need for me to visit the bank personally to open an account.”


Registered address in Frankfurt

“We wanted a registered address in Frankfurt in order to be able to deal confidently with international clients. Start My Business made it easy and affordable to get this.”

Pricing Packages


  • Additional 1 Director

    Add an additional director to your company register.

  • Additional 1 Shareholder

    Add an additional shareholder to your company register.

  • Corporate Shareholder Option

    Add a corporate shareholder to the company register i.e. where the shareholding is allocated to another corporate entity.


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  • Power of Attorney (No Requirement To Visit For Incorporation)

    We will prepare the necessary power of attorney to attend the notarial deed for the company incorporation (for remote formation of the company without a visit to the notary).


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    Registered Office & Mail Forwarding Address in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Munich, Berlin, Cologne Including Virtual Office

    It is compulsory to have a registered address for your Company. Using a registered address in a well-known location will mean you’ll appeal to a wider audience and as such your customers will see you as a credible and established business. Portray your company's presence using our virtual address service. We will also receive your mail, scan it and then email this to you no matter where you are in the world with original copies being sent to you once a year.


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