Hungary is an extremely favorable tax district for foreigners to set up a company in. Ever since being accepted into the European Union in 2004, Hungary has carried out a proactive program of encouraging foreign investment and boosting its economy. To that end, corporate tax has been slashed and is the lowest in Europe at a mere 9%. And dividend payouts have zero withholding tax on them if paid to a non-resident corporation or a maximum of 15% if paid to a non-resident individual, modified by tax treaties. Setting up a company is straightforward and does not require directors and shareholders to be citizens or even residents of Hungary.


Our all-inclusive Hungarian company formation package provides you with all you need to incorporate and run a company in Hungary, including a bank account, VAT registration and a registered office for twelve months.

  • Extremely favourable corporate taxes
  • No withholding tax for dividend payments to non-resident companies
  • Low 15% WHT for non-resident individuals


Hungary is an up-and-coming country that is keen to meet all the Maastricht criteria in order to adopt the Euro as its official currency. To that end, it strongly encourages foreign investment and makes it easy to make a company profitable as a result of its favourable tax regime. The low-cost skilled labour force makes hiring the right people a breeze. Startups and SMEs can apply for tax incentives. There are also tax credits for certain types of investments.


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    VAT Registration

    Part of our Hungary company formation service is to register your company for VAT.

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    Bank Account

    We will set up a local bank account to be able to incorporate your business in Hungary.

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    Registered Office in Budapest

    We will give you a physical registered address in Budapest, Hungary.

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    No matter what you need, our one-stop-shop will get you doing business in Hungary in no time.



What types of companies can be formed in Hungary?

Hungary has similar company structures to all other European nations. A private company limited by shares is called a ZártkörűenMűködőRészvénytársaság (ZRT) and a limited liability company is called a KorlátoltFelelősségűTársaság (Kft). Hungary also offers public limited companies, general and limited partnerships and branch offices for companies incorporated in a foreign country.

The Kft is the most common vehicle available and is the simplest to incorporate. It is also the most common option for foreign individuals wanting to set up a business in Hungary.

The ZRT is ideally suited for large enterprises.

Only one director and one shareholder. The director and shareholder need not be a resident or citizen of Hungary.

HUF 3,000,000 (approx. EUR 8,100).

There is no WHT for dividends paid to foreign companies but there can be a 15% WHT imposed on dividends paid to foreign individuals. This rate can be reduced depending on existing double taxation agreements.


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    Registered Address in Budapest Renewal After 12 Months

    It is compulsory to have a registered address for your Company. Using a registered address in a well-known location will mean you’ll appeal to a wider audience and as such your customers will see you as a credible and established business.


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