Ireland is an extremely hospitable environment for incorporating a business as a result of its low 12.5% corporate tax rate for companies that have an active trade located here. Ireland has long been the source of criticism by the EU for maintaining such advantageous rates in spite of EU pressure to raise them, but the Emerald Isle has held this competitive rate, which has been largely responsible for consistently bringing goliaths to the island such as Apple, Facebook, PayPal, Airbnb, Microsoft, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn, and many others.Small companies can also benefit from this regime, as well from several other favorable advantages to running one’s business from Éire.


We will incorporate your Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD) or
Designated Activity Company (DAC) for you (see FAQs for differences). In addition to this, we can assist you with all other aspects of starting and running a business from the hospitable island of Ireland.

  • Registered office in Dublin
  • VAT Registration
  • Secretarial Maintenance
  • Online bank arrangement


Ireland offers a flat rate of 12.5% corporate taxes on all trading profits (and as low as 0% for certain companies who meet specific conditions — until 2022). For holding companies, the tax benefits are even greater. Holding companies do not have to withhold taxes on disbursed dividends to EU or tax-treaty countries. (Ireland has about 70 tax treaties in place.) There are no transfer pricing or thin capitalisation restrictions in place for holding companies. As for private limited companies by shares, there is no need for a director to be physically present in Ireland. In 2014, Forbes ranked Ireland as the number one place in the world to do business.


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    VAT Registration

    Part of our Ireland company formation service is to register your company for VAT if you so desire.

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    Online Bank Arrangement

    We will arrange an online banking solution for you to be able to do business within Ireland.

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    Registered Address in Dublin

    If you choose this add-on, we will give you a physical registered address in Dublin, Ireland.

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    Secretarial Maintenance

    For those who take the registered address option, we can provide professional secretarial maintenance services. Every LTD company needs a company secretary, and that person should ideally know about Irish laws. It is a position of high responsibility.



What corporate tax will I pay if I am not physically trading in Ireland?

Corporate tax for companies not physically conducting trade or an activity in Ireland is 25%. For companies actively trading here, it is 12.5%.

Only one director, but the Company Secretary cannot be the same person.

Two. One of the directors is allowed to be the company secretary.

DACs cannot dispense with AGMs (Annual General Meetings) whereas LTDs can.
DACs can list debts and securities, and LTDs cannot.
DACs can be a credit institution or insurance concern, and LTDs cannot.
DACs can have an authorised share capital, and LTDs cannot.
DACs can only conduct trade and activities as listed in their Memorandum. LTDs have unlimited capacity to operate.

You will need to demonstrate an active trade/activity in Ireland to be able to register for VAT.

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We provide everything you need to form a company in Ireland, including online bank arrangement, VAT Registration, Registered address and secretarial maintenance.

Depending on the add-ons you choose, we will have your Ireland-based company ready for you in approximately 5 days.

Our team of company formation experts will advise you on anything and everything you need to properly incorporate your Ireland-based company.

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“I had a lot of questions about setting up a company in Ireland and the Start My Business team made the process incredibly easy for me. ”

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Company Formation in Ireland "DAC" (Designated Activated Company) in Ireland

DAC Setup


  • Easy company registration
  • All official filing fees included
  • Review name availability
  • Document handling
  • Registration documents

Customize Your Product with Add-ons

Make it easier to do business in Ireland by supplementing your package with add-on features.

  • Online Bank Arrangement Ireland

    Based on your transactions and business industry we will recommend an online bank account that is suitable for your business. We work with numerous banks and as such feel it is important from early on to select the best one that can help with multi currency, company expense cards, manage multiple accounts under a single platform or even where you need an immediate setup banking solution that is easy and quick.

  • VAT Registration - Standard Application (No Queries by Tax Authorities)

    CartWe will file and review your VAT registration for your company with the relevant tax authorities and provide you the necessary documents.


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  • VAT Registration - Complex Application

    We will file and review your VAT registration for your company with the relevant tax authorities and provide you the necessary documents.


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    Registered Address in Dublin

    It is compulsory to have a registered address for your Company. Using a registered address in a well-known location will mean you’ll appeal to a wider audience and as such your customers will see you as a credible and established business.


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    Secretarial Maintenance (Must Take Registered Address Add-On)

    We will ensure the records and registers of the company is kept in according with the statutory compliance. Any changes on the company register and filing can be a heavy administration and missing any deadlines can be costly and damaging to the company. This is why, our experts take this responsibility in ensuring the company remains compliant whilst our customers can focus on growing the business instead.


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