Opening a company in Malta is a straightforward procedure. The company is highly amenable to foreign investment, and welcomes new businesses established by foreign individuals. If your company is structured correctly, you might qualify to pay as little as 5 per cent corporate tax. Malta also offers anonymity for directors and shareholders as well as the highest levels of privacy protection.


Malta offers a streamlined solution for incorporating companies. Our basic package offers company formation and registry fees on the initial share capital, and our many add-ons provide flexibility for everything you need to run your business from Malta.

  • Highly favourable tax regime
  • As little as 5 per cent corporate tax if structured properly
  • Registered address in St Julians (add-on)
  • Mail Forwarding in St Julians (add-on)
  • VAT Registration as needed
  • Office-space, phone lines and equipment as needed
  • Online Bank Arrangement
  • Company Secretary
  • Form B01 (Beneficial Owner Register)


Malta has long been revered as a jurisdiction which is favourable to business due to its advantageous tax environment. Holding companies are fully tax-exempt. Malta has no withholding taxes, and profits can be distributed to foreign shareholders without restriction. There are zero stamp duties. Directors can be completely anonymous and non-residents are free to hold shares or office in a Maltese company. Annual and General Meetings do not need to be held inside Malta. There are no restrictions on where a Maltese company should hold its fundsy. Redomiciling a company from another jurisdiction is entirely permissible. Numerous international corporations have their headquarters in Malta due to its favourable tax regime. Malta also has numerous double-taxation treaties in place. The country offers some of the lowest licensing fees in the EU, making it an attractive option for eGaming, shipping and financial services companies, as well as investment funds.


  • trademark-screening
    VAT Registration

    Part of our Malta company formation service is to register your company for VAT if you choose to do so.

  • matching-domain-url
    Online Bank Arrangement

    We will arrange an online bank account for you in only a matter of days.

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    Registered address in St Julians

    If you choose this add-on, we will give you a physical registered address in St Julians, Malta.

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    Virtual Office in St Julians

    For those who sign up for the registered address, we also offer a virtual office, access to a boardroom, office furniture, mail-forwarding in St Julians, and telephone service so you can operate 100 per cent as a local, even though you might be working remotely.



What types of companies can be formed in Malta?

Private Limited Liability Company by shares. A minimum share capital of approximately €1,200 is required. This can be paid in any currency. Only 20 per cent of the nominal value needs to be paid.

Public Limited Liability Company. Minimum share capital of approximately €47,000.

General & Limited partnerships. No minimum share capital.

Foreign-based companies can open subsidiaries and branches.

Holding companies are tax-exempt.

Only one. And only one shareholder.

A company secretary is also required.

Malta’s official languages are English and Maltese.

The English language makes it easy to find workers as well as to do business in the country due to English’s dominance as an international business language.

Malta became an official part of the EU in 2008 and has taken the Euro as its official currency.

Malta’s effective corporate tax hovers between 5 and 10 per cent, depending on how your company is structured. It is the lowest corporate tax in all of the EU.

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We provide everything you need to form a company in Malta, from handling registry fees to forming a bank account.

Depending on the add-ons you choose, we will have your Malta-based company ready for you in approximately 7 days.

Our team of company formation experts will advise you on anything and everything you need to properly incorporate your Malta-based company.

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Pricing Packages


    Registered address in St Julians (12 months)

    It is compulsory to have a registered address for your Company. Using a registered address in a well-known location will mean you’ll appeal to a wider audience and as such your customers will see you as a credible and established business.


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    Mail Forwarding in St Julians (Must Take Registered Address Add-On)

    We will receive your mail, scan it and then email this to you no matter where you are in the world with original copies being sent to you once a year.


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    Virtual office in St Julians Includes office space with the use of boardroom, telephone lines, office equipment, mail forwarding and logging in of mail upon receipt and communicating to the client (Must take Registered Address and Mail forwarding options)

    Portray your company's presence using our virtual address service. We will also receive your mail, scan it and then email this to you no matter where you are in the world with original copies being sent to you once a year. This service also includes a telephone number and fax line.


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  • VAT Registration in Malta

    We will file and review your VAT registration for your company with the relevant tax authorities and provide you the necessary documents.


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  • Online Bank Arrangement Malta

    Based on your transactions and business industry we will recommend an online bank account that is suitable for your business. We work with numerous banks and as such feel it is important from early on to select the best one that can help with multi currency, company expense cards, manage multiple accounts under a single platform or even where you need an immediate setup banking solution that is easy and quick.

    Company Secretary Malta

    The role of a nominee secretary is to ensure the records and registers of the company is kept in according with the statutory compliance. Any changes on the company register and filing can be a heavy administration and missing any deadlines can be costly and damaging to the company. This is why, our experts take this responsibility in ensuring the company remains compliant whilst our customers can focus on growing the business instead.


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    Domiciliation: Registered Address


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    Form B01 (Beneficial Owner Register)


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