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The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) deals with all trade mark registrations for Taiwan. It is not necessary to show use of the trade mark before registering it. As with many other jurisdictions, Taiwan follows a first-to-file regime although well-known marks can sometimes cause applications to be opposed successfully. In first-to-file jurisdictions, nothing beats a strategy of filing early. It is recommended to file a trade mark application in both English as well as in local characters to better protect yourself against counterfeits in Taiwan.


Our trade mark registration package takes care of everything you need to register your trade mark in Taiwan, including advice on strategy and classification.

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Copyrights, Designs, Patents And Trade Marks


A copyright is a form of protection provided to authors for their original work. This includes creative and intellectual work like:

  • owner

    The owner has exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute or perform the work publicity.

  • country

    Copyright do not require registration and the owner will have protection in most countries.

trade mark
Trade mark

A trademark is a sign which distinguishes a company’s product or service from its competitors. A trademark can be a:

  • owner

    The owner has exclusive rights touse the trade mark and legally prevent its unauthorized use.

  • country

    Trade marks are specific to a country or a union like the EU. Trade marks for 10 years.


A patent is an intellectual property right granted by the government to an inventor for the exclusive exploitation of their invention.

  • owner

    The owner has legal rights to exclude others from making. using or selling the patent.

  • country

    Patents are specific to a country. A patent normally lasts for 20 years.

registered design

A registered design is protection provided to the appearance of a product or part of a product. It defines how a product looks.

  • owner

    The owner has legal protection from others copying the design for their product.

  • country

    Registered designs are specific to a country. A registered design normally lasts for 25 years.


  • trademark-screening
    Trade Mark Search

    It is imperative to conduct a trademark search before filing for a trademark in Taiwan.

  • matching-domain-url
    Advice on Strategy

    Registering a Taiwan trademark requires an overall strategy to ensure the highest possible chances of success. We will assist you with an overall trademark registration strategy.

  • global-linguistic-screening
    Advice on Classification

    There are 45 classes into which a trademark can fall. Assigning your Taiwanese trademark into the correct categories is crucial to avoid deficiencies in the filing.

  • name-testing

    Once we have established a proper strategy and classification for your Taiwan trademark, we will take care of all the complexities involved in filing your trademark application and keeping tabs on its progress!



How long is a Taiwan trade mark valid for?

Ten years. A trade mark can be renewed six months before its expiry, or up to six months after. In the latter case, please note that there will be late fees to be paid.

If you do not use your trade mark for three years, it is subject to revocation by any party. The usage of the mark does not need to be extensive, but it must be used in Taiwan to avoid being revoked.

Your Latin-alphabet trade mark application will not protect the trade mark for an equivalently transliterated/translated version in Chinese characters.

That could open the door to copycats.

Also, having the mark registered in its equivalent Chinese-character version means that more people will be able to recognise the mark and so improve your branding.

Taiwan has an extensive list of mark-types that can be registered, including scents, “position marks”, “repeating-pattern marks”, holograms and other interesting mark-types. The description for each of these types is quite precise.

Taiwan has a tremendously extensive list of elements that might cause a mark to be rejected. These elements include the “usual suspects” adopted by most jurisdictions — e.g., the mark must be distinctive enough; it should not be against public policy, or immoral; it cannot be similar to national flags, national emblems, etc.

But the list also contains unique items, such as not being able to be the same as, or excessively similar to, the name of the current head of the state.

After signing up for our service, we will give you all the help you need to determine if your mark is likely to be rejected on these grounds.

In conformity with many other jurisdictions, Taiwan uses the Nice Classification system.

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