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Why try and climb that business mountain alone when you can have an experienced partner go with you? Our startup business mentor service offers you all the guidance you need, from expert business mentors, to get your startup soaring to success!


Whether you’re burnt out or just need some guidance on your strategy, our business mentorship program will get you on your feet again. Validate your business ideas with us or just offload on someone if you need to. Business is tough. It’s easier with a guide.

  • Specialist consulting
  • Experienced professionals
  • Intuitive ear
  • Strategy experts

The Right Mindset to Grow Your Business


Entrepreneurs are unique individuals. We are high-impact, positive-thinking, “go get ‘em” people. It’s difficult to find someone with the same mindset to help you on your road to the top. Surround yourself with experts and gain the insight and assistance you need to break through to the top of your game.


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    Validate Business Ideas

    Test your ideas with your mentor before going full-throttle with them. Our mentors’ extensive experience makes each of them perfect sounding boards.

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    Investment Advice

    Our business mentors are highly experienced business professionals, experienced in all matters of business, including investment. Learn what investment strategy is right for your business in your monthly meetings with your mentor.

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    Growth Strategy

    Businesses without a strategy do not grow. Talk to your mentor each month about your strategy in order to find a way to get your business off the ground faster and more efficiently.

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    Custom-made for you

    Every mentor is hand-picked for you. The advice you get is tailored to you and your business specifically.



What can I talk to my mentor about?

You can talk to your business mentor about anything. Every business mentor at Start My Business has extensive experience as a business professional in multiple fields.

Certainly. As a fundamental element of successful strategies, our business mentors count SWOT Analyses as a fundamental part of their skillset

You get a 60-minute discovery session in the Starter Package (90 minutes in the Rocket Package) and twenty minutes of dedicated time with your mentor each month for three or six months, depending on the package you choose.

Qualifications vary per mentor. We will match the mentor up to you specifically. Please make sure to give us as much information as possible when we send you the questionnaire after purchase.

Seven out of ten businesses fail in their first ten years. An experienced mentor can prevent that from happening to yours.

It sounds like you need a special “Test Your Business Idea” service which is a dedicated service for bouncing business ideas around and getting feedback on them from experienced business professionals.

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How it Works
ic-securePerfectly Matched Mentor

Your business mentor will be perfectly matched to your business type and goals. The guidance you’ll receive will be tailored exactly to you.

After sending us your questionnaire, your mentor will be assigned to you immediately, giving you dedicated business mentorship for three to six months.

Our business mentors are experts in entrepreneurship and will assist you to get your strategy in place and working effectively during your mentorship program.

See What Our Customers Say


Amazing advice

“The advice my mentor gave me each month was incredible. I could tell he was a real pro with extensive experience in business. ”


Perfect to let off steam

“I had no one to let off steam with every month who fully understood the frustrations of being a CEO of a tech startup. My mentor not only understood my monthly frustrations but also assisted me in finding solutions to them. ”


So professional

“I was amazed at how knowledgeable my mentor was. She knew my business industry like the back of her hand. Start My Business did a perfect job of assigning her to me!”

Pricing Packages

3 Months Mentorship

Three months support with monthly 20 minute sessions (with an additional initial 60 minutes Discovery Kickstarter Session)


3 Months
  • 60 minutes Discovery Kickstarter Session
  • 3 Months Support
  • Curated Short and Long Term Goals
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Assess Internal Controls for Productivity
  • Evaluate Risks
  • Solve Complex Problems
  • Multifaceted planning sessions


How it Works

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    Check the product out in your shopping cart

    Simply add the product to your shopping cart and then check it out to get started on your business mentorship program.

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    Answer some questions

    We will require some information from you in order to be able to assign the perfect business mentor for you.

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    Talk to your mentor every month

    Your mentor will be available to you every month to assist you with whatever is needed to get your business growing!