Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) can be daunting to set up. But, if done properly, it can offer a major boost to the amount of business your website generates. We implement advanced Google features to manage your Google Marketing campaign, including Google Tag Manager, Web Analytics, Google tracking and many other tools to assist you with your Google PPC campaigns and search performance.


Whether you’re looking for a Google Ads Specialist, a Google Ads expert or just want to implement a Google Analytics solution on your website, our Google Setup package has you covered in every respect of Google Product services related to marketing your website. Coupled with our SEO package, this is the perfect way to get your business competing effectively on the internet.

  • £100 PPC Adwords Credit
  • Google Audit review
  • 4 Campaign Setup by Google Ads Specialists
  • Google analytics configuration
  • Google tracking implementation
  • Search Console configuration
  • Tag Manager setup

Compete Effectively with the Full Google Marketing Setup


Our basic package offers you a once-off setup of all the Google Product Services you might need to compete effectively on the internet. Our PPC consultants and Google Tag Manager experts will configure all the necessary elements to get you promoting and tracking your website easily and effectively. They will help you with everything from creating your Google Ads account to configuring your website’s Google Analytics Tracking.


  • trademark-screening
    Google Audit

    Google offers plenty of services to assist companies in being found on the internet, whether through PPC or organic searches. Our Google Audit will check and fix any particular services you might not be utilising, or are not utilising to their full capacity.

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    Google Analytics Tracking

    Linking Google Analytics to Google Ads is vital to understanding the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. Plenty of money can be wasted by not understanding what paid keywords brought visitors to your site. Our experts will implement Google Analytics tracking for your website and link it to Google Ads.

  • global-linguistic-screening
    Google Search Console

    Without Google’s Search Console, it’s impossible to gain insight into what keywords are bringing organic traffic to your website. The Search Console is also vital for people to find errors on their websites which might be preventing Google from indexing any particular page properly.

  • name-testing
    £100 Google Ads Credit

    You will instantly get £100 credit to apply to your Google Ads account to use as you wish. We will then create 4 Google Ads campaigns for you and ensure they are optimised so that you have the best chances of receiving your money’s worth from that £100 bonus!



What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a way to appear at the top of Google’s rankings by paying to appear there. You pay for the number of clicks your ad receives.

Google Search Console allows you to see what search queries brought visitors to your website. Also, it provides detailed information on any errors Google experienced while crawling your website so that these can be remedied right away.

Google Tag Manager is an advanced method of tracking specific actions users take on your website. The initial setup for it can be overwhelming for new users, but using it is quite easy once it has been configured.

Your ad can appear at the top of Google’s search pages, in a special section marked clearly as “Advertising”. But it will only appear there if the ad is optimised correctly, and has a high-enough bid.

Certainly. You can either manage it yourself or pay us a small monthly retainer to have our experts keep it optimised and working properly.

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ic-secure£100 Google Ads Credit

When signing up, you will automatically receive a £100 Google Ads credit to be applied immediately to your account!

Our Google Ads and Google Product Specialists will deliver your completed package in 5 days.

Our in-house experts and professionals have years of experience working in some of the leading agencies. You are guaranteed excellent customer support.

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Simplicity in confusion

“The Start My Business team brought simplicity into the confusion of getting my Google Marketing campaign configured. Thank you!”


Complications gone

“I tried to set up Google Ads and Google Analytics etc etc, but I got so confused that I just gave up. Start My Business took all that complexity off my plate and just did the job for me.”


Leave it to the pros

“I wanted to get some search engine marketing done with Google Ads but I found the whole process rather complex, despite all the advertising to the contrary. It was great to hand the job over to experts, for a reasonable price, so that I could just focus on my business and know that my Search Engine Marketing was being taken care of.”

Pricing Packages


  • Google Ads & Web Analytics Setup

    If you have a website, you should most certainly be looking to setup your google web analytics! Why..? Well if you don't you will never know how your website is performing or where you need to invest most of your online marketing spend. We will also setup your Google Tag Manager properly to give you the ability to add and update conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing and more. With this add-on, you will also benefit from getting your Google Ads account being setup ready for you to start setting up your own PPC campaigns.


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    Google Ads (PPC)

    It's so important to spend your online PPC budget wisely which is exactly why we have the best in-house PPC experts to ensure your marketing budget is spent carefully. We use only the best cutting edge marketing tools to review your market audience, location and relevant keywords to get you the right leads. We'll review and tweak your Ads regularly to make sure we focus on the best performing Ads. And unlike other agencies, our charges are not based on your budget!


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    Then, let us do the work while we set up your Google services for your website and marketing campaigns.

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    Reap the benefits!

    Once your Google Account is set up, you can take full control of accessing the necessary reports and information to ensure your website stays competitive in its Search Marketing Campaigns!