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If you want to compete online, you need to have a Social Media marketing strategy, and you need to do it effectively. We will set up your social media profile on a platform of your choice (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) so that you can effectively compete with other businesses in the social media arena.


Our highly experienced social media experts will put together the perfect social media profile for your brand, optimised for maximum social engagement.

  • Social Media Profile setup
  • Optimised for engagement
  • Automated daily posting via add-ons

Sophisticated Social Media Insight


We will set up your social media posting profile so that it is optimised for conversions and sales. Additionally, if you choose one of our monthly add-on packages, we will identify your target audience on social media, create awareness campaigns to generate leads as well as create organic posts for you. We can also set up paid ads so that your social media campaigns gain the traction they need.


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    Daily social media posts

    To compete effectively, you must post daily on social media. We take care of this for you via our add-ons.

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    Perfect profile

    Whether LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we will put together the perfect profile for you to be considered an authority in your field on social media.

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    Target audience identified

    Social media needs to be carried out with an effective strategy in place, not haphazardly. To do this, your target audience needs to be precisely identified.

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    Community management

    Busy people don’t have time to sit on social media all day! Our community management add-on means that we take care of engaging with customers on your behalf so you can take care of business.



What is Social Media Marketing?

This is a Social Media Service that allows people to market their brand utilising social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and many others.

There are no university courses for Social Media Marketing Services so a specialist must have a proven track record in utilising and gaining success across various social media platforms.

LinkedIn is most popular with business professionals. Facebook and Twitter are also extremely popular.

Technically, yes. But we also offer a wide range of other services. Our social media experts can provide social media consulting and will assist you in maximising your use of social media for marketing purposes.

No, our in-house social media specialists will do this for you, we will of course ensure this is in line with your overall business strategy and branding.

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How it Works
ic-securePerfect Profiles

We will set up and optimise your chosen social media profile so that it maximises your engagement and raises awareness of your brand.

Our social media specialists will have your social media profile in place within 5 days.

Our social media experts will offer you top-notch support so you can compete with the big brand names on Social Media.

See What Our Customers Say


Excellent daily posting

“Thanks so much for the wonderful daily posts you put together for me. I would’ve never been able to come up with that much material every day for my social media accounts! ”


Quick setup

“My social media marketing package was delivered quickly and on time. Now my business has a social media presence!”


Very professional

“The Facebook and LinkedIn pages created for me by Start My Business looked excellent and really gave that extra professional touch to my online presence. ”

Pricing Packages


  • Social Media Marketing - Setup Per Profile

    Our experts will setup your social media profile or review your existing one, ensuring all the tricks of social media points are checked off. We will optimise the profiles accordingly for the relevant social media platform and of course, your industry.


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    Social Media Posting (upto 3 profiles)

    Daily posting for each of your social media profiles. We will research based on your industry and goal-specific requirements every month.


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    Community Management (per profile)

    Get our social geeks to respond and interact with your audience on your social media platforms. We will carefully respond to any comments, share posts or even hit the "like" button where we think it would be relevant. We use social media tools to identify hot topics, most shared posts and trending hashtags to identify opportunities to make noise!


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    Social Media PPC (upto 5 active ads) per profile

    CartUnlike other agencies, we don't keep a cut based on your PPC spend. Our experts will create ads for your business that look professional yet personal to draw audience attention. We will review and tweak these regularly to ensure your advertising budget is spent wisely.


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How it Works

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    Check the product out in your shopping cart

    Simply check the product out in your shopping cart and to begin your journey to social media marketing proficiency!

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    Answer some questions

    We will require some information from you in order to be able to properly configure your Social Media marketing profiles.

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    Sit back and relax

    Then, let us do the work while we set up your social media marketing presence.

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    Reap the benefits!

    Social Media marketing and management is vital to success. Over 3 billion people used social media in July 2020 and our social media marketing package will help you capitalise on that market.