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Choosing the right software tools for your business has become an overwhelming and confusing proposition. There is so much to choose from that entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time to investigate all the choices.Our experts keep their ears constantly to the ground to learn about the different software offerings and are able to advise you on precisely what tools you should be using in your business to improve its efficiency.


After purchasing your product, one of our specialists will spend thirty minutes talking to you about your business. They will advise you on precisely the right business software tools to be using to reduce costs and improve efficiency in your company.

  • Expert advisers
  • Highly knowledgeable about all software offerings
  • Not only the “popular” tools
  • Improved efficiency — time-saving and cost-saving

You Don’t Need a Lot of Software. You Need the Right Software.


There’s a tool for everything out there — accounting, marketing, social media, and so on. But not every tool is right for every business. Some tools are suited to smaller business while others are better for massive corporations. Some are easier to use than others. Some are pricier but not necessarily better. You need a pro to advise you on what to choose.


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    No More Confusion

    Reading product descriptions can be confusing for the uninitiated. And the plethora of choice on the web makes choosing the right software confusing. We brush aside all confusions and give just you the tools you need and nothing more.

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    No Lost Time

    Don’t waste time reading a hundred reviews and then another hundred white papers. Our in-house software specialists will cut to the chase and let you know which tool is best suited to your business.

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    Tools for Everything

    There is a tool for almost everything out there. You can save hours a day by using just a few of them to smooth out your daily workflow.

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    Affordable Choices

    It’s difficult to choose between two options when they offer “almost the same” features. Sometimes, the cheaper option might end up being more expensive, other times not. Our experts will help you make these decisions easily.



What are the best overall software tools for a business?

There is no single “best” tool for a business because it depends on the business itself, its budget, the field they’re operating in as well as other factors related specifically to that company and its products. The “best” tool is the best one for you.

It depends on the needs of your business. We will suggest a number of tools, lay out their pros and cons and then let you decide which is best, based on that data.

None of the software tools we recommend is overly pricey unless the company’s niche is highly specific (e.g manufacturing) in which case the cost of the tool would likely be affordable anyway. The point of software tools is to improve efficiency and thereby improve ROI.

If a free tool exists which meets the requirements of what you need, we’ll recommend it. Many tools have free tiers.

We strongly prefer tools that are simple to use and which make your life easier. Of course, if the best possible tool for you has a longer learning curve, then we will recommend the latter as well as the former and let you decide for yourself which is best for you.

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How it Works
ic-secureIncreased Efficiency

The purpose of software tools is to increase efficiency and reduce complexity. This only occurs when the right tools are selected, not necessarily the most popular ones.

You can book your call with our experts immediately after purchasing this product.

During your call, our expert advisers will assist you immediately by giving you on-the-spot recommendations for the right software tools for your business.

See What Our Customers Say


So simple

“I was so confused when hunting for tools to improve my company’s efficiency. Start My Business’s service simplified this completely for me!”


Best tools for my budget

“I was about to waste money on more popular tools which I thought were “better” but ended up saving money based on the recommendations which Start My Business made for me, despite the fee of the service itself!”


Much improved efficiency

“We are saving an average of two hours a day as a result of the software tools recommended to us by Start My Business, and we are operating at a far more efficient level.”

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How it Works

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    Check the product out in your shopping cart

    Simply add the product to your shopping cart and then check it out to set up your appointment with one of our specialists.

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    Schedule your call

    Schedule yourself in at a convenient time to chat with one of our software specialists.

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    Tell us about your business needs and problems

    Our specialist will listen closely and make notes of options while you go along.

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    Invest in the right tools with no wasted time or budget!

    Go ahead and invest in the tools needed to increase your efficiency!