• Company
  • Headline
  • Problems Worth Solving
  • Our solution
  • Target market
  • Competitive landscape
  • Funding needs
  • Sales channels
  • Marketing activities
  • Milestones
  • Team and key roles
  • Partners and resources

Company name and logo

Your company name will appear at the top of your pitch, along with your company logo if you upload one. If you don’t have a logo yet, that’s fine. Your pitch will still look good without one.

This is the same name that will appear on the cover page of your plan.

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Headline and Description

Describe your company’s unique selling points and its primary business opportunity. What is the untapped market that your business is targeting? Focus only on the most important details.


Problems Your Business Solves

Describe the problem(s) that your business solves. A problem could be as simple as an unfulfilled need. For example, the lack of a Brazilian restaurant in an area with a strong Brazilian community in it could be an unfilled need. Also, explain why your target market wants this problem solved or this need fulfilled but don’t describe the solution yet.


Your Business’s Solution

Describe how your business solves your target market’s problem or meets its unfulfilled need(s). Explain why your solution is both unique and effective at remedying your customers’ pain points. What makes your business different in providing a solution to this problem?


Target market

Fully understanding your target market is essential to building a successful business. No business focuses on “everyone.” Even enormous companies such as Microsoft and Apple have divisions of target markets depending on the product they are selling. A target market is a specific demographic with particular interests and needs that your product or service provides the solution for.

The size of a target market is important because it gives people an idea of how likely your product or service is to succeed. If you do not have statistical data available for a particular target market, provide your best educated guess. If you are completely uncertain about the size of your target market, it might be a good idea to invest in some market research. You will need to do this research at some stage anyway.


List out your competitors. These don’t necessarily need to be direct competitors. Even if you have the only theater in town, you might be competing with providers of other types of entertainment such as restaurants or nightclubs. Name out what makes your service or product more appealing. Why would people choose your company over theirs?


If you are seeking investors or funding, state how much you are trying to raise. Describe precisely how you intend to spend the raised funds and how those funds will help you reach your goals.

Some countries have regulations in place regarding soliciting investment. It is best not to describe any benefits that are being offered in return for the funding, including equity benefits.

Please input the desired funding amount, if however, you do not require funding then input NIL figure and NA respectively


Sales Channels

There are many different types of sales channels-online sales, sales teams, retail sales reps, distributors, intermediaries, resellers, etc. Not all channels are available for every type of business, and some might be too costly to implement immediately for smaller businesses.

Whatever your plan is on sales channels, it is vital to understand it at the outset and to put it in your business plan.


Marketing Strategy

Many ways exist for a company to attract attention to itself. Will your company provide a newsletter? Will you advertise in print media? Do you plan on getting search engine traffic by hiring content specialists to create regular content for your blog? What is your social media strategy?



Note down the important milestones your company must achieve to keep your business plan on track. Such milestones can include launching a new social media campaign, hiring a key team member, acquiring a particular company, and anything else that you feel is important.

Although you can have as many milestones as are necessary, write down only the next five major milestones in this section.

Team and Key Roles

Provide a short bio of the key members of your team. Members of your management will certainly make it onto this section, but you should also include info on any key employees, contributors, advisors, and even roles that you plan on adding later.

Partners and Resources

List out any resources that are strategically important. This could include equipment, property, patents, and so on.

Partnerships don’t have to be “official,” and can simply include important relationships.

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