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Whether you need a local phone number in multiple countries, or just don’t want to go through the hassle of filling in so many forms to get a “normal” phone number, our Business Phone Solution is just the thing for you. We offer multiple phone packages for businesses of any size and give you a VOIP phone solution with a sophisticated online dashboard in only a few hours.


Whether you need unlimited calls to landlines or mobile, or prefer our Pay as You Go solution, we have packages that suit everyone’s needs.

  • Competitive Rates
  • Monthly rolling contract
  • Sophisticated integrations with your favourite apps
  • Numerous features

A Modern Business Phone Solution

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  • chrome
  • hubspot
  • capsule
  • slack

    Feature rich cloud switchboard. No line rental!
    No Contract. Cancel Anytime!
  • Unlimited VoIP

    Unlimited UK VoIP calls to Landline & Mobile
    No Contract. Cancel Anytime!
  • EU VoIP

    Unlimited UK & EU VoIP calls to Landline & Mobile
    No Contract. Cancel Anytime!

If you feel like your phone system is not much better than the old rotary phones, you’re probably right. A business phone solution needs to integrate with modern technology to be useful. Your phone should be able to connect and work with your CRM, your browser and even Microsoft Office.


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    HD Quality Calls

    Our business VOIP solution comes with superb HD-quality audio so that you can hear the voice on the other side of the line crystal-clearly

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    Phone Number Transfer

    You can transfer your existing number to us in order to take advantage of our competitive pricing.

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    Extension Management

    Add or remove extensions easily using our online business phone dashboard.

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    Top-Quality Call Encryption

    The solutions we use all come with industry-standard phone encryption technology so that you can communicate knowing that no one else is listening.



What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for “Voice over IP (Internet Protocol)”. It is a method of using internet technology to achieve telephony services.

Certainly, and you won’t pay any extra fees for these calls, either.

Yes. This can be enabled with the click of a button via your dashboard.

Yes, so long as you have enough credit for it on a pay-as-you-go package, or if your unlimited package includes it.

If your model of phone supports it, then yes.

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How it Works
ic-secureCompetitive Rates

Our business phone rates are highly competitive, both for local and international calls.

We will deliver your chosen Business Phone Solution within only a few hours of you checking the product out!

No matter what you need, our VOIP business phone specialists are here to help you.

See What Our Customers Say


Great business phone dashboard

“The business phone dashboard was really easy to use and allowed me to manage all the extensions on my plan.”


Excellent audio quality

“We were amazed at the audio quality we got when using this VOIP solution!”


Loved the “Music on Hold” feature!

“We loved the “Music on Hold” feature that came with this solution; and our clients love it, too!”

Pricing Packages

US Pay As you Go - SIP Users


US Unlimited USA VOIP


USA & Mexico VOIP


US Phone Numbers



How it Works

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    Simply add the product to your shopping cart and then check it out to gain access to your business phone solution.

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    We will require some information from you in order to be able to set up your new business phone.

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