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Idea Validation

Time spent planning is not time wasted and the importance of idea validation should certainly not be undermined! We’ll help you get through this very important, yet often neglected, starting stage.

  • How can I make my business idea a success?
  • Want a unique business name to stand out?

“Start My Business’s Idea Validation service really helped me work out the best approach to starting my business!”

Megha Evans, Co-founder
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Design and Marketing

Optimal marketing and design, better than agency standards, doesn’t have to be expensive. Our team of design and marketing professionals are ready to deliver the finest quality of Marketing and Design services to you, right now.

  • How can you stand out in a noisy marketplace?
  • How can you rank well on Google and build an effective online presence?

“Start My Business designed an incredible website for us, as well as created extensive marketing material for our brand which was absolutely gorgeous.”

Ashley Robbins, Business Partner
Social Media MarketingWebsite Design & BuildLanding PageGoogle SetupSEO


Failures in compliance (such as legal, accounting, company formation, etc) can sink your ship before it even gets going. Our Suite of Compliances services ensures your business stays afloat for the long haul.

  • What is the best tax structure for a new startup?
  • How can you keep your bookkeeping upto date?

“Great service! They helped with company formation and setup bookkeeping into QuickBooks accounting for my startup in no time! Highly recommended”

Gavin Small, CEO
Business Banking SetupCompany FormationTax Investigation CoverStartup Business FundingStartup Business MentorStartup Accountancy ConsSETUP


Inefficient daily tasks can chew into valuable business time. Get efficient with our Suite of Operations Services which ensures your business is running at its optimum level of performance.

  • Are you utilising the most efficient and cost-effective software?
  • How do you get prime office space at competitive prices?

“We saved tons of time researching which platforms to use for our startup. Start My Business helped recommended suitable software’s for our e-commerce clothing store.”

Gregg Hopkins, CMO & Co-Founder
Small Business Software ToolsAnswering ServiceTelephoneOffice PresenceSmall Business InsuranceOperations

Legal Assistance

If you don’t have all your legal bases covered, you put your business at risk of cripplingly expensive litigation. Have your bases covered with our Suite of Legal Services.

  • What legal documents are needed for every aspect of business?
  • Is it possible to trademark our business name?

“Thanks to Start My Business, we have all our legal documents under control as well as affordable legal advice in place should we ever need it.”

Sun Dai, Managing Director
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Entrepreneurs, Designers, Thinkers

As the name suggests, Start My Business is a company that helps entrepreneurs launch their dream business in the market. Everything you need to start your business is done by us – all in one place!

Team Start My Business

How It Works

01 Purchase

We have a wide range of start-up products to help you start your dream business

02 Requirements

Depending on the product purchased, we’ll ask you a few questions to get started

03 Launch

Voila! Sit back and relax while we get things ready to help you launch your business!

Your Startup Launchpad

Written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with a clear step-by-step guide on how to launch your start-up. This guide will give you all the advice and tips you need to start a successful business from day one!


    FAQ Start My Business

    Start My Business is a turnkey provider of every service needed to start and run a business successfully in multiple countries and jurisdictions. We offer the full gamut of services required to take a company from startup to IPO, or to just get a local mom and pop store competing effectively with the massive conglomerates.

    Whether you need a new website, office premises, accounting, company formation, legal assistance, trade mark protection, an effective social media presence or anything else required to get a business running successfully in today’s modern world, we can deliver it.

    We offer a number of products to get your startup off the ground or to improve your existing business’s efficiency.

    Simply choose the products you are interested in, add them to your basket and then check them out.

    After paying, our online system will walk you through the necessary steps to get all the information needed to deliver your high-quality product as fast as possible.

    Of course, we can! Our affordable Business Idea Testing service will put you in touch with the expert you require to assist you with whatever business advice you need.

    Once your business is launched, we're still there for any questions you might have or alternatively, some customers decide to further develop and grow their business using our business mentoring service.

    No matter what you need, if it has to do with running a business, we can do it.

    We have a ton of free resources to help you understand anything and everything regarding starting a new business. You can check out our How-To section, Tips and Tricks, General Advice or even our startup services themselves to discover what is needed to start and run a successful business.

    Also, be sure to download our free ebook which talks about everything you need to know to start your business on the right footing!

    A business can be incorporated in as little as 24 hours (UK) to a few weeks (USA) or nearly two months (Austria and Germany).

    But starting a business is not merely a matter of incorporating it. You need a business bank account, an effective marketing strategy, legal basics, proper accounting, a website, social media presence, trade marks…

    There is so much involved in starting a business, which is precisely why our company exists. We are here to help you every step of the way and get your business up and running as fast as possible.



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